The food diary provides an overview!

With a food diary, hidden fattening foods can easily be tracked down, and food cravings can be logged. In short, you find out when you eat a lot. If the body has been steadily gaining weight in recent times or in recent years, it could well be that the energy balance was not in order and more was eaten than the body needed.

What does the diary reveal?

The food diary provides information about eating behavior and eating habits are monitored, and it also shows hidden calories in which foods are consumed. The diary should usually be written between 10 and 14 days . This is the first step to your desired weight. But you have to be honest with yourself and not change your eating habits during this time and refrain from any sins. This is the only way to determine exactly what caused the weight gain.

Less calories thanks to the food diary!

Many people no longer notice the calories they are consuming. Whether it's the chips in front of the TV or the liquorice while driving . The food diary should show how one's own eating behavior is to be evaluated. When do you overeat and where can you cut calories? It is important to be honest with yourself and not to give up something you have an appetite for. If you keep a food diary, you will soon get a feel for what you can eat and where hidden calories are lurking. If you want to snack while watching TV, you can do it, you should just replace the chips with pretzel sticks, that saves 270 calories per 100 grams. If you like chocolate, you can replace it with chocolate pudding, a calorie saving of 490 calories per 100 grams can be achieved be reached. Once you get used to these things, it won't take long at all, and you can eat real calorie bombs, but in moderation, and of course not every day. A healthy diet does not necessarily have to be expensive. Low-fat cooking and the omission of animal products not only save calories, but it is also good for the wallet. Many pharmacies offer such food diaries to take away free of charge . Overweight people should try it out and will find out over time that not only can they save a lot of calories, but that keeping a food diary can also be fun. Even people who don't have a pharmacy in their area don't have to do without such a diary. There are many sites on the Internet that also offer a food diary online. Incidentally, people who don't have a problem with the pounds can of course also keep such a diary, but it may be good to know your eating habits, and if you eat too much fast food, a lot can be changed here too.

Viet Trinh

With a food diary, hidden fattening foods can easily be tracked down, and food cravings can be logged.

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