Oral sex - fellatio - types and consideration

Oral sex is sexual stimulation with one or more sex partners using the mouth area. This includes lips, tongue and teeth. There are now many different terms for oral sex in colloquial language. The stimulation of the penis is often referred to as blowing or blowing. The stimulation of the vagina, on the other hand, as licking. In Germany, oral sex is also often referred to as "doing it French". At this point, caution is advised, because the English term "French kiss" is the usual French kiss. Oral sex is more of a generic term for 4 sexual practices associated with oral sex. These 4 techniques are fellatio, cunnilingus, the so-called position 69 and anilingus.

Medical consideration of oral sex

Various sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted during oral sex. These include gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. HIV can also be transmitted through oral sex, although the likelihood of this is rather low. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to ingest sperm during oral sex and to avoid cunnilingus during the woman's period.

Oral sex in religion

Christianity has a strong rejection of oral sex because some Christians believe that sex should only be for procreation. Islam and Judaism, on the other hand, do not reject oral sex and are tolerated without exception. In some, mostly Christian countries, oral sex was forbidden for a long time. Oral sex is now allowed almost everywhere.

Types and Positions:

The fellatio: meaning and implementation

Fellatio is the technical term for the sexual stimulation of the male genitals using the mouth. Or, more simply, in colloquial language, blowing or blow-job. When it comes to fellatio, men or women have many options when it comes to execution. The key here is variety and not continuing in the same pattern all the time. The use of hands is also permitted or encouraged. You can start, for example, by licking the glans. Above all, one should not neglect the most sensitive parts of the male sex organ. These include the tip of the glans and the glans frenulum. You should also pay attention to the reactions of your partner, because everyone reacts differently.

The cunnilingus

Cunnilingus is the sexual stimulation of the female external genitals using the mouth. In colloquial language this is often referred to as licking. When it comes to cunnilingus, variety is also very important. Here, too, you should pay attention to your partner; you can often tell from noises and body reactions what you particularly like or dislike. At the beginning you should not forget the adjacent parts of the body, because women are also very sensitive here and stimulating them can increase arousal at the beginning. Hormone build-up is important in women, so it would not be beneficial to start immediately with the vagina in a non-aroused woman.

The position 69

The position 69 is still one of the most popular sex positions ever and can also be found in the Kama Sutra. In position 69, two sexual partners are masturbating orally at the same time. This also resulted in the naming, it is not the 69th position, but the combination of numbers 69 reflects the lying position. There are 2 different ways to lie in this position. You can lie on top of each other or next to each other. When lying on top of each other, the more comfortable position is on top as there is more control and you can reposition yourself a bit if necessary, which is almost impossible on the bottom.

The antilingus

Annilingus is the sexual stimulation of the anus with the mouth area. This can also be referred to as licking. Increased personal hygiene is particularly important when annilingus, because you don't want your partner to feel disgusted.

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