Diabetes in children - tips

Many parents are at a loss and frightened when their child has type 1 diabetes . However, there is no longer any need to panic because children with diabetes can lead almost normal lives.

Some tips to help the child:

If the child has a high fever, this simply means stress for the weakened body and thus the sugar content in the blood inevitably increases. The child's blood sugar levels should therefore be measured more often. Drinking a lot is essential in this situation, as too much sugar deprives the body of a lot of water and this can lead to dehydration. Sugar metabolism can also be influenced by stress, be it the excitement before a class test or an argument with friends. Even when the child is happy, the concentration of blood sugar can skyrocket. Especially during the unloved puberty, feelings and hormones play a crazy life and this can lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels.
children's diabetes
Everyone who cares for the child, for example the childminder or in the kindergarten, should be informed about the illness. The same applies to teachers at school as well. So that all caregivers know that the child may need to eat and drink during class if hypos are imminent. Likewise, glucose or sweet juice should be available to prevent danger. Should the child nevertheless have problems swallowing during an attack of hypoglycaemia , an emergency set with glucagon should always be at hand. So that the child does not lose fun in games and sports due to the illness, it should be explained which symptoms the child should look out for in the event of hypoglycaemia, so that an emergency situation can be recognized quickly. This can be dizziness, profuse sweating or the legs suddenly give out. Hypoglycaemia can occur quickly if too much sugar is burned during play or physical activity. It is important that the child is shown how to use the inconspicuous pen. This will not be a problem for a six-year-old, older children can adjust the insulin dose themselves after a while using the pen. Above all, it should be pointed out not to always use the same spot for pike. There should always be a distance of a thumb's width from the last puncture point, then bumps or hardened areas will not appear in the first place.

Viet Trinh

Many parents are at a loss and frightened when their child has type 1 diabetes. However, nobody needs to panic anymore.

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