type 2 diabetes

Diabetes, also known as sugar disease, is already one of the widespread diseases. Ever better and therefore more nutritious food means that people are getting fatter. In addition, there is less movement at work today, an unbelievable number of people work sedentarily in front of the computer and are therefore susceptible to diseases of civilization, which also includes diabetes. So the circle closes, lots of food, greasy food, food rich in carbohydrates and little exercise and you're on the candidate list for diabetes. However, there is also a genetic predisposition, so if parents or siblings or other relatives already have diabetes, the risk is higher. But there are things you can do yourself to prevent this from happening.

Prevention - signs - treatment - late effects

type 2 diabetes
You can prevent type II diabetes by paying attention to your diet, as few carbohydrates as possible, little sugar, lots of white meat or fish and a lot of vegetables and fruit, but rather avoid sweet fruits. Pretty much every health insurance company offers courses that are at least partially or sometimes completely exempt from costs for the insured person. The next measure is exercise, especially those who do a predominantly sedentary job should create a balance here if possible. This can be the popular walking, but cycling and swimming are also popular here. You should schedule at least one or two training sessions per week, which should then last an hour. If that doesn't appeal to you, you can of course go to the gym or do other sporting activities, as long as it's fun and you move. Signs of type 2 diabetes often remain undetected for a long time and that is what is fatal about it, because by then it can already have resulted in secondary diseases and long-term effects. It is therefore important, especially if you belong to the risk group of overweight people and those who do not exercise, to pay attention to your body. Even the older generation 50 plus or 60 plus should keep their eyes open here if they experience things like constant physical weakness, frequent urination, excessive thirst, susceptibility to infections and poorly healing wounds . Then it is high time to see the doctor and tell him about your suspicions. If type II diabetes has been definitively diagnosed , a change in diet, a lot of exercise and taking pills can ensure that the disease fades away or at least is easy to get under control. Long-term effects, one should not believe it, but a lack of erectile function in men can be a long-term effect of an unrecognized diabetes. Just like a heart attack or a stroke, there is also severe kidney damage, which can go so far that dialysis and later a kidney transplant are required. Damage to the retina and even blindness are long-term consequences of undetected and untreated diabetes. All of this could have been avoided with a small urine test or a blood sugar test at the doctor's. It should also be noted that type 2 diabetes can also turn into type 1 disease, in which case regular insulin doses and a general change in lifestyle are required. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDFnAyjaGUk

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Diabetes is one of the common diseases today, and better and therefore more nutritious food means that people are getting fatter.

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