type 3 diabetes

In addition to the well-known type I and II diabetes diseases, a type 3 diabetes disease is also listed. With this type of disease, it is not always possible to draw the exact line between types I and II, one could almost say that it is a kind of mixed form. Most diabetics suffer from form II, followed by type I disease, the other patients are then further subdivided according to their appearance.

Causes and forms of type 3

Type 3 diabetes is an extremely diverse disease with different manifestations, so there are eight possibilities that can occur either individually or together.
  1. There is a genetic defect that affects the function of the beta cells in the pancreas. This can lead to the so-called “adult-onset diabetes”.
  2. Another defect, also genetic, is insulin resistance and the disease known as lipatrophic diabetes.
  3. Down syndrome, also known as trisomy 21, and Huntington's disease are also said to have an increased impact on diabetes.
  4. If the pancreas has to be removed, one consequence of this can be diabetes. Cancer or pancreatitis can also lead to disturbances in the insulin balance, which then result in diabetes.
  5. Even taking certain medications can influence the onset of diabetes, with cortisone being the most suspected drug.
  6. Research and observations in patients have shown that too high thyroid levels can also have the effect of developing diabetes, particularly in the case of the disease known as Cushing's syndrome. In Cushing's syndrome, the body produces too much cortisol.
  7. Even the childhood disease rubella can be necessary for the onset of diabetes. Just as other infectious diseases can promote this, including those caused by cytomegaloviruses. Very rarely it happens that the stiff man syndrome is the trigger for diabetes.
It is not always easy for doctors to make an accurate and accurate diagnosis here, sometimes this can only be clearly determined using a genetic test. The diagnosis of type I or II diabetes can therefore be made and the disease still cannot be brought under control. In this case, further research and investigation must be carried out to determine whether a type 3 diabetes is present.

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In addition to the well-known type I and II diabetes diseases, a type 3 diabetes disease is also listed. Read more information!

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