The menopause and the natural healing methods!

At some point every woman has to go through the menopause . Some hardly notice at all that they are there, others have major complaints . Hot flashes, sweating, restlessness, insomnia and weight gain up to aggression, all of this can be difficult for a woman going through the menopause, which lasts for several years. Those who do not want to undergo hormone therapy have other options and these are the so-called gentle healing methods .

For less severe symptoms

If the symptoms are less severe, it is often enough to change your lifestyle a bit. It starts in the morning, a woman going through the menopause should give up coffee and have a cup of tea, and more sport is now the order of the day. Women who suffer from insomnia should take valerian drops before going to bed. If she has severe mood swings, lemon balm and St. John's wort help, which have proven to be mood-enhancing. For hot flashes, many women use black cohosh, but be careful, because it can damage the liver.

You have to have patience!


Herbal remedies do not help immediately, the women who have decided to use them must be aware of that. Only taking it for several weeks can bring relief. Supplements such as soy or red clover contain estrogen-containing substances, which is why many women believe that they help, but this is not proven. An aromatherapy, against mood swings, includes bergamot. Lavender provides relaxation and cypress is recommended for hot flashes. Some of the women also turn to homeopathy, which tries to stop the symptoms with Sepia, Graphites and Lachesis. This is where autogenic training and meditation come in to find inner peace again.

A drastic process

The menopause is anything but easy for a woman, the whole body changes and that means that she goes through a process of change physically, mentally and emotionally. The ovaries start to stop producing and the hormones estrogen and progestin slowly but steadily disappear from a woman's body. They can be fed back with hormone therapy, but some women cannot tolerate this therapy and others do not want it. For those women, who belong to that unfortunate one-third who are struggling really hard with menopause, the gentle healing method is worth trying.

What can a woman do?

three women

In detail, this means changing your eating habits , which includes doing without red meat, little milk and no finished products. Some of the women also swear by the use of Schuessler salts , they are gentle and have no side effects. One of the means that have proven to be the most effective is soy. It contains natural isoflavones and is a dietary supplement. Soy helps relieve various ailments such as hot flashes, heart problems and circulatory problems. Flaxseed also has an estrogenic effect and supports the hormone system. Linseed is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and has a preventive effect on symptoms such as dryness of the mucous membranes, sweating and depression. Especially when a woman is just beginning the menopause, chaste tree can be of great service to her. It is one of the most important medicinal plants in combating insomnia, irritability, sweating, breast pain and period cramps during menopause. It also stimulates the production of progesterone and activates the ovaries. Lady's root has a positive effect on the metabolism of hormones. It contains estrogens and helps against the classic symptoms of menopause. It has an antispasmodic and pain-relieving effect and can also be used very well for migraines and headaches. Lady's root in combination with St. John's wort is recommended for sadness, irritability, nervousness and depression. St. John's wort can generally be taken throughout the menopause period. However, the effect only sets in 2-4 weeks after the first intake and only if it is administered daily . Sage has been found to be very helpful in combating sweating and can be drunk as a tea for several weeks. But the absolute insider tip is the yam root . It has a high proportion of progesterone and this is the largest component in a woman's hormonal balance. Since progesterone decreases during menopause and is therefore responsible for most of the symptoms, it is returned to the body in a completely natural way via the yam root. In this way, symptoms such as hot flashes, nervousness, inner restlessness, depression and exhaustion are noticeably alleviated. The yam root helps with menstrual cramps, chest pains or the prevention of major weight gain. It is also rich in vitamins, copper, iron, manganese, sulfur and zinc, which makes it anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic. Another remedy for those women who suffer from insomnia would be an oat and hop cone remedy that can be easily taken with lady's root. Hawthorn is recommended for high blood pressure or palpitations.

Normal tools!

The previously mentioned plants are nothing more than normal foods and can be combined well with the prepared dishes. With soy products, however, you should not overdo it, as it can lead to an overdose. This leads to an increased metabolism in the thyroid gland and should therefore only be used once a week. Yarrow, red clover and St. John's wort should mainly be drunk as a tea, and then when the symptoms appear. Well-known kitchen herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme and marjoram can also relieve minor ailments, they all have an estrogen-like effect and can be added to all foods without hesitation. A completely alternative concept does not only include herbs and plants, but also cold, warm alternating showers and alternating foot baths for a complete body treatment. These are not only pleasant, but also stimulate the metabolism. Holding your hands under cold running water and taking a long bath with the addition of bromine, valerian and rosemary in the evening helps to prevent hot flashes. It is also important to have a regular supply of sunlight, which helps against depression. Of great importance when changing over to menopause, but also for a woman, is her inner balance . The relationship with your partner, children and friends should be characterized by harmony and trust. These things also contribute to a woman feeling better during menopause, and the family should not see everything so tragically during this time and let the woman get away with a lot during menopause, it can only get better and only lasts a few Years.

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