Fitness Balance Pad

Many different items are offered under the term fitness pad. For example, electrical stimulation devices for muscle stimulation without physical activity. Especially sporty, untrained people and people who would like to lose weight are often tempted to buy these pads. They believe and hope to achieve physical fitness and lose weight without physical exertion. Unfortunately, it is also the case here, without diligence, no gain, without your own physical sporting commitment and exercise, you will not lose weight. At least the fitness pads, which can be used as sports equipment, are required for this. And here the range is also a bit larger. There are many different fitness pads that you can buy and use as exercise equipment. However, what also falls into the category of fitness pads are the small grip reinforcements and grip pads that are required for certain sports equipment or make it easier to use. So it is not easy when you want to devote yourself to physical training, there are many different new terms and the confusion is great. But when it comes to sports, and the term fitness pad is used here, then what is actually meant are the rectangular mats that train the stamina, as well as the coordination and muscle building.

exercises, tips

There are many exercises and exercise instructions, usually a small overview is included with the pad pack. Some manufacturers include a booklet, others a DVD. The internet is also a good platform to look for suitable exercises.

Exercise examples:

  • Lay the fitness pad flat on the floor and stand on it with your legs slightly apart. Now lift your right leg up to knee height and at the same time stretch your left arm upwards. Briefly, hold for about two to three seconds and switch. Do the exercise ten times for each side. Don't forget to breathe.
  • Lick the fitness pad flat on the floor and sit on it. Support yourself with both arms backwards and now lift both legs about 15 to 20 cm above the floor and pull them slightly towards your body and stretch them again. Don't put your legs down in between.

At first this exercise will cause difficulties, but never mind, don't let it discourage you. Repeat the exercise ten times. As a tip, it can be said that it is often easier and easier to join a gymnastics group than to practice alone in a quiet room. Most of the time, the motivation dwindles quite quickly and so you encourage each other and encourage yourself when you think you want to throw in the towel

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