Fruit juices make you fat!

Fruit juices , or fruit juices, are intended for human consumption and are made from different types of fruit. The fruit content must be 100%. There are 3 types, direct juice, fruit juice and fruit juice concentrate. Drinks that contain fructose make you fatter than those with ordinary granulated sugar. The reason for this probably lies in the human hormonal balance. The hormones leptin, insulin, and ghrelin control food intake. They react differently to fructose than to table sugar.

Better eat fruit than drink!

Fresh Oranges
Many children in Germany are already overweight, and the doctors are sounding the alarm because they believe that the parents believe that fruit juices are better for the children than, for example, lemonades. However, research has shown that fruit juices make you fat just as much as soft drinks and iced tea. In order to avoid being overweight from the outset, a mixed diet should be selected. Animal foods, i.e. milk, meat, fish and eggs, should only be consumed in moderation. Fat and sugar should be used very sparingly anyway. Instead, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. People like to use fruit juices, preferably freshly squeezed. It is rich in vitamins and also tastes very good. However, fruit juice is totally unsuitable for a diet, as a hidden calorie trap lurks in it. Anyone who wants to slim down should avoid counting calories at mealtimes and avoid drinking fruit juices, soft drinks or smoothies instead.

Fructose is found in many foods!

Fructose is not only contained in every kind of fruit, it is also often used for sweetening. It is often used for the popular soft drinks in particular. It can also be found in large quantities in ready meals and yoghurt. Dried fruits contain a very high proportion of fructose. 100 grams of dried figs have a fructose content of 28 grams. In fresh fruit, on the other hand, the sugar content is rather low and can therefore be eaten without a guilty conscience. Many think they are doing something good by replacing normal sugar with fructose. That this saves calories is a really big misconception . Even more caution should be exercised with beverages sweetened with corn syrup. Fructose from drinks causes the blood sugar level in the human body to skyrocket, but also to drop again just as quickly, which then leads to ravenous hunger and binge eating. Therefore, when you are thirsty, always use mineral water and unsweetened fruit and herbal teas, these are the best thirst quenchers. Doctors advise that young children should be trained to drink water . There is already a lot of fructose in the finished children's tea, which not only causes body fat to grow, but is also a real enemy of milk teeth. However, the child should be gradually introduced to drinking mineral water. The best way to do this is to mix juice with more and more water, and after a while omit the fruit juice altogether.

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