Five tips to prevent hemorrhoids sensibly

Once they are there, it is difficult to get rid of them. They are uncomfortable and can cause severe pain. However, hemorrhoids can be prevented. If you take precautions, the risk of developing hemorrhoids is very low. Here are five tips to help you prevent hemorrhoids in a sensible way, because diet and what is related to it is an important part of hemorrhoids. To prevent hemorrhoids properly, the following factors are important: - Nourishment - Drink - Sports - Hygiene - Going to the toilet

Eat right - it's important

Diet is the most important and biggest point in preventing hemorrhoids. Roughage and fiber should be on the menu every day and in sufficient quantities. Dietary fibers have the task of swelling in the intestines, which activates and stretches the intestinal wall. Low-fiber diets can lead to many diseases. Today, the population suffers from many diseases, most of which are due to a low-fiber diet. Roughage and fibers help the intestines to stay fit. A sports program for the intestines. Anyone who eats a lot of roughage and fiber also has good intestinal activity. Good suppliers for a balanced diet are: legumes, wheat bran, wholemeal flour and oatmeal.

Do not skimp on water - the intestines need liquid

Drinking is just as important as diet. In order to drink enough liquid, 2 liters a day are important. Fluid intake should be water or herbal teas, without sugar. Fiber can only swell in the intestine and actively stretch the intestinal walls if there is enough liquid. A good side effect - the kidneys and the skin also benefit from it.

Sport keeps the intestines fit

The whole body is happy about sport, including the intestines. Movement also stimulates the intestines. Swimming or cycling is the best exercise program for the intestines. If you sit a lot at work, you can still train your intestines by tensing your sphincter, holding it for a few seconds and then relaxing it again.

Hygiene and going to the toilet every day

Clean the anus daily with mild intimate wash lotions. So fungi and bacteria have a bad hand. If you `must` then you must. If not, then not. Don't force a bowel movement, the intestines will give you a signal when it's time. Squeezing or squeezing is harmful to the bowel, as is staying on the toilet for a long time. Sitting on the toilet for a long time overloads the ligaments of the intestine.

Viet Trinh

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