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Many people are amazed when they hear that you can heal with a spice. But that's how it is. Wonderful things happen in nature that nobody can really explain and yet they exist. One such spice is black cumin, which originated in Egypt and Asia . Black cumin is loaded with healing substances. However, the black cumin referred to here should not be confused with sesame, as the two look confusingly similar. Black cumin has had a reputation for promoting health for many hundreds of years and it is only powerless against death.

For more than 2000 years

Black cumin has been known for more than 2000 years, but is still almost unknown in the western world. However, it is not only used as a spice, but also as a pharmaceutical preparation. Black cumin is so versatile that it is used everywhere in medicine. For example, it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The fact that black cumin is valuable has not only been known recently. Studies have shown that regular consumption of the spice can prevent the growth and spread of colon cancer cells .

The application of black cumin

Black cumin has a spicy, slightly nutty taste. It can either be ground or granulated and spread over the food. Black cumin oil is also ideal for dressing salads. It can be mixed with water and then drunk as a kind of gel. Black seed is an ancient cultivated plant . It has small, brown-black seeds that contain many essential oils. Black cumin has been used in the Orient for thousands of years and was considered a universal remedy there. It increases milk production in animals, can be used as a spice in bread, sauces and with fish and meat.

Black cumin is considered a reliable insect repellent and is also an asthma remedy in horses. Of course, doctors and certainly not the pharmaceutical industry don't like the fact that black cumin is on the rise as a natural remedy.

Ingredients of black cumin oil


Black cumin oil is particularly rich in vitamins C and E, B vitamins and beta carotene . There are also folic acid and biotin, a lot of minerals like magnesium and selenium. Black cumin has a not inconsiderable proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and gamma-linoleic acid. However, black cumin oil and the capsules have not yet been recognized because there are no clinical studies . Therefore, it cannot be said why it has such a positive effect on health and health problems . Black cumin oil capsules can be purchased in health food stores and pharmacies, as well as on the Internet. However, it is advertised and sold here as a dietary supplement. Of course, the capsules do not work from the first day of taking them, but they have to be taken for some time and regularly.

Interactions or side effects are not known, but in the first few days it can lead to a slight belching in very sensitive people. Pregnant women should not take black cumin oil capsules because, as already mentioned, there are no precise studies and clinical test results. However, it can be said with absolute certainty that black cumin oil capsules have a considerable number of highly effective and valuable ingredients that can help with various health problems. This can be evidenced by people taking black seed oil capsules, as well as medical reports and lore. Conventional medicine has only recently become more interested in the phenomenon of black cumin oil and there are already initial studies.

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Black cumin has been known for more than 2000 years, but is still almost unknown in the western world. He is not only as a spice.

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