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Guarana - the alternative to coffee

by Viet Trinh on February 24, 2021
Guarana is a type of liana that comes from the Amazon basin and whose fruit contains no more than three seeds, sometimes even just one or two. These seeds are black to greenish and are ground into powder after drying. In South America, the effect has been known for a long time and the powder is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to coffee or tea. Guarana is found in many caffeinated soft drinks where it is an integral part, but also in energy bars, chocolate and chewing gum. The powder contains a lot of roughage and raw fibres, which means that the caffeine is only slowly released into the body. The effects of guarana powder can last up to 6 hours when used in combination with cola nut powder. guarana

The use of Guarana powder

For example, the powder can be stirred into drinks such as lemonade, fruit juices, cocktails, coffee and tea, but also into yoghurt or pudding and many more. It tastes particularly good when stirred into cold or hot cocoa. It is important that guarana powder contains a lot of caffeine and is therefore absolutely not suitable for children !


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