Exercise Ball - Balance Ball Exercises and Tips

A great training device is the balance ball, which is available as a ball or as a half ball. As the name suggests, the balance ball is a piece of sports equipment that can be used to train balance. It is also versatile in other ways and can be integrated into everyday life.
exercise ball

The round ball

It can be found in many physiotherapy practices, the big, thick, round, air-filled ball in different sizes and colors. It is used there to support patients with back and joint problems and illnesses in the healing process. Furthermore, this ball can be found in numerous maternity clinics and delivery rooms to support expectant mothers during childbirth. But many people have come to know and appreciate it as a seat. Especially those who suffer from back problems or have recently had an operation on an intervertebral disc must pay attention to their posture and good muscle development in the supporting system. So it can be used at least temporarily as an office chair. You sit on it and have to constantly make minimal balancing movements in order to sit up straight and not lose your balance. These movements will then build muscle mass in the skeletal system and the back pain will gradually go away on its own. If this type is too insecure for you, you can also get a frame for the ball. You still have the training effect, but slipping or rolling away is no longer possible.

The semicircular ball

The hemisphere, i.e. the semi-circular ball, is also an excellent training and sports device, which is even used by professional athletes. There are numerous exercises that build and promote stamina, coordination and overall physical fitness.

material and more

Both devices are made of high-quality rubber-like plastic that can withstand extreme loads. As a rule, the ball comes with an associated pump and instructions for exercises. Sometimes the exercises are available on DVD or sometimes in booklet form with illustrations for additional gymnastics, some manufacturers also offer the exercise instructions for download on the respective homepage. The balls are available in different sizes and colors. Balls with a diameter of at least 60 cm are best for adults. The material is easy to care for, just wipe with a damp cloth and you're done! However, the ball should not be exposed to the blazing sun for a long period of time, otherwise the material could become porous.

exercises, tips

Small exercises are suitable for beginners. Just sitting and balancing for ten minutes a day. This exercise alone, which is not actually a sport, will make a big difference. Then it goes on the round ball is used to do gymnastics exercises from there, including exercises such as:
  1. Assume a seated position on the round ball with legs slightly apart, lower body remaining in seated position, arms extended overhead or arms extended to the side, always maintaining balance.
  2. Assume a sitting position, lean forward and again make sure that you don't slip off the ball.
  3. In the group, all participants can also sit on balls and throw a small ball to each other.
  4. Another group exercise is that the participants pass a ball or a gymnastics cone on to each other.
As a rule, these exercises are carried out in rehabilitation sports.

Exercises with the semicircular ball

Here it starts in a much more sporty and active way. The semi-circular ball can be used on both the round and the flat side. Both surfaces are non-slip.

Exercise examples:

  • The ball is on the flat side, now step on the hemisphere with one leg and raise your arms up and at the same time lift the leg that is not on the hemisphere. This exercise may sound simple, but it's actually quite a challenge. After all, the balance must be maintained and numerous muscle groups are addressed.
  • For advanced, place the ball on the curve and position yourself for a push-up, grabbing the ball from the side of the rim. Push-ups are now performed in which the ball moves, so the body has to make compensatory movements again and more muscles are trained here than with traditional push-ups.

Tips – everything is more fun together and you learn more and better under professional guidance. Therefore, you should look for like-minded people for exercises with the balance ball and register in a sports club.

Viet Trinh

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