Avoid postural damage

Children spend most of their day sitting when they start school. But even after a long day at school, the sitting marathon continues. Computer games play their part in the fact that an acute lack of exercise can be observed in children. This in turn results in damage to the musculoskeletal system, atrophied muscles and, after a while, immense back pain. But adults also struggle with back problems from sitting at the computer for too long. Not only the back muscles are negatively affected, but also pain in the arm, which is caused by the permanent clicking of the mouse, is another typical clinical picture.

Proper sitting keeps your back fit

The most important prerequisite for a correct sitting position at the computer is office furniture that can be adapted to your needs. These consist of an ergonomic desk and a height-adjustable chair. The optimal seat height of the chair is set when the lower and thighs form a right angle when sitting and the feet are flat on the floor. Your forearm should always be level with your work surface. For effective support and relief for the spine, the backrest of the chair must reach the middle of your shoulder. The backrest should also be adjustable and be able to assume any position during movements. Due to the dynamic sitting, you can easily change position. Take the strain off your neck and shoulders by leaving at least 10 cm of space between the edge of the desk and the keyboard.

Say goodbye to lack of exercise

You can find them again in many offices: exercise balls . You train while you work, the exercise ball makes it possible. By placing your feet straight, you shift your weight positively and automatically assume a more comfortable sitting position. In addition, a gymnastics ball allows for any sitting position and cushions slightly when you move. The air pressure of the ball must be adjusted to your needs. Take small breaks from sitting where you stand or run from time to time, or loosen up your muscles with small relaxation exercises. Try to plan sporting activities outside of working hours and let them flow naturally into everyday life.

Prevent pain

We spend most of the day sitting down, so it is important to pay attention to the optimal office furniture and the correct sitting position. Improper strain on the back can lead to extremely painful conditions such as lumbago, herniated discs or a hollow back. Get up more often while you work on the computer, stretch, or do small relaxation exercises. Strengthened like this, your back will easily carry you through the day.

Viet Trinh

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