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Soft floor mats have been an integral part of kindergartens and schools for many years. Many injuries can be prevented in this way, because children sometimes don't pay attention to where they are jumping when playing and doing sports. Soft floor mats are wonderful to use as toys and there are many ways to experiment with them. The mats are of course available in different sizes and designs. A soft floor mat convinces with a large sinking depth, because this is the only way to ensure the greatest possible safety. It is often used for fall protection or as a cushioning pad. Whether on climbing walls or balance beams, the mats always ensure that the risk of injury is kept as low as possible.

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It depends on the filling!

Soft filling is essential for the mats to make a body land softly. However, they are also available with a firmer filling, which are particularly suitable for martial arts or for gymnasts on the horizontal bar and rings, they enable a safe landing in the standing position. Depending on the requirements, it is of course possible to lay two or three soft floor mats on top of each other . The mats can be easily folded and stored in a relatively small space. Effectively, "exercising" on a soft floor mat brings more fun and also more muscles. This is the case with jumping rope, for example. Because more power is needed for a jump, because of course you sink further and then more power is needed in the take-off phase. This stretches the musculature further and the angles become larger for the entire musculature. However, those who want to try it out should start slowly with the rope jump and only then increase it, because this is the only way to avoid severe muscle soreness.

They are extremely durable

The soft floor mats are made of an all-round hard-wearing and of course non-slip material, which makes them particularly durable. For quick and easy transport, there are usually two separate carrying straps on each side that have been firmly incorporated. Before making a purchase , you should consider where the mats are to be used. The interior consists of mostly high-quality foam. Depending on where the mat is to be used, it does not always have to be the most expensive variant. For home use in the children's room or in the home garden, a cheap one is enough .

Places of use of the mats

Many call them only gymnastics mats, but they can be used in many different ways. In the past they were only used in physical education classes, but today they can also be found in private households. Where can they be used? They are still mainly found in sports halls, whenever it is necessary to jump from some devices in an elevated position. They serve to protect against injuries in the event of a fall. It is therefore important to always choose thick padding for equipment sports. It is different with pads that are to be used for gymnastics. Here, the inner workings must be as hard and thin as possible. If this is not the case, the mats absorb too much energy. The mats that are used incorrectly develop a correct braking effect. A mat must therefore also be chosen correctly for the right sport. The soft floor mats are used both as well as for gymnastics exercises. They protect the bones of the spine from excessive pressure. The direct pressure with the floor is well cushioned and the exercises are much more comfortable. In kindergartens or day care centers, the mats are very often misused and serve as a sleeping pad. Children think it's great to be able to sleep on them.

A soft floor mat is the perfect base

Equipment and floor exercises are not only great for the little ones, but for this special sport you have to protect yourself from falling and thus from serious injuries. In contrast to a mostly smooth hall floor, the soft floor mat not only offers the perfect subsurface, but it also has a cushioning property. Therefore, there are different mats for different applications. All in all, a soft floor mat should always be used for protection, not only in various sports, then the risk of injury is as good as banned.

Viet Trinh

Soft floor mats have been an integral part of kindergartens and schools for many years. Many injuries can be prevented in this way.

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