In the cold season there is no sport, but not with a piece of sports equipment to take home!

Cold, snow and darkness are not good conditions for doing sports in the fresh air. An ideal balance to this: sport at home. There are now devices that are affordable for everyone. Everyone has to find out for themselves which device they choose. But here, too, there are a few tips that you should heed.


Which piece of sports equipment makes sense?

For experienced athletes, such as mountaineers or marathon runners, a treadmill is the right choice. Overweight and inexperienced people should avoid this because running is exhausting. Anyone who wants too much, too fast, easily loses interest. For a welcome change, there are now devices that are height-adjustable and simulate " downhill or uphill ". For anyone who wants to "steel" their whole body, a rowing machine is an advantage. This piece of sports equipment is just as perfect for losing weight, it burns a lot of calories and shapes the figure.Since this purchase is not exactly cheap, you should consider whether it is not worth sharing this purchase with a neighbor or with friends.The stepper is just the right thing for stomach, legs, buttocks . It mainly trains the buttocks and thigh muscles, but people who complain about knee or back problems should not consider this device, because these are exactly what the stepper puts too much strain on.For those who find it too monotonous with music everything can be better. The bike can be used by all age groups. It is also the perfect solution for anyone who complains about too many kilos and wants to lose weight in the long term. The joints are spared and fat burning is boosted. However, boredom quickly sets in with the bike, so a tip, put the bike on the balcony or terrace, training in the fresh air is twice as much fun. If you want to save yourself the trip to a fitness studio and prefer to do sports at home, a pull-up bar may be the right thing for you. It is not expensive and you can do your exercises on it whenever you feel like it.

Why only train at home in winter?

Long working hours, shift work or a modest budget make it difficult for some people to go to an often expensive gym. For those it makes sense to buy a piece of sports equipment for the home, because it can be used not only in summer but also in winter. People who don't want to go outside in the snow, rain and cold have been using these devices for a long time.

Can't do it, doesn't exist!


Some people think that if they want to do sports in winter, going to the gym is essential. Far from it, sports equipment for the home is available in many variations and for every budget. Dumbbells, for example, are easy to store. Almost all muscle groups can be trained with them and they don't take up any space, just under the cupboard or the bed and they're gone. The same goes for colorful rubber bands. Here, latex bands are placed around wrists and ankles and various muscles are trained for resistance. As with exercises with dumbbells, this is done slowly and evenly. Jumping rope isn't just for little girls, because the relic from childhood days trains stamina and mobility. However, the rope should only be used if you have your own home or if you live on the ground floor. But there are also numerous exercises for which no sports equipment has to be available at all. For example, you can lie down on the sofa and cycle. This is a very cozy variant, you just have to be careful not to fall asleep because the sofa is so comfortable.

The motivation just has to be there

If someone wants to talk themselves into the excuse that no sport can be done in winter, they will be taught better here. Sports equipment for the home is the new trend and various companies have already specialized in it. For big or small money there is a device for every type that is fun to do sports on. The excuse that the weather is bad outside can no longer be used and the good thing is, these sports equipment can also be used in summer.

Viet Trinh

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