How does ephedrine work?


Ephedrine is an alkaloid found primarily in the Ephedra genus of plants. Ephedrine is interesting for bodybuilders because it has a bronchodilator effect. This creates the feeling of being able to breathe better. Ephedrine is known from medicine because it is used in many asthma medications. Since the 1980s, ephedrine has been used more and more as a fat burner.

Pick-me-up or drug?

Many young people consider ephedrine to be a harmless pick-me-up that can also be used to increase performance . In contrast to many other drugs, ephedrine is used by achievement-oriented young people who want to use it to improve their concentration and attention span . If ephedrine is taken for the first time, the effect only sets in after 15 to 60 minutes . With frequent use, however, the time span is reduced. Once the effect sets in, the result is increased alertness, clarity of thought, but also nervousness and restlessness. This condition can last up to eight hours. There are after-effects in the form of fatigue, depression, and trouble sleeping. How intense these after-effects are depends entirely on how often ephedrine is consumed. Ephedrine is only available in pharmacies and is also at the top of the doping list . Even without changing your eating habits, ephedrine can lead to significant weight loss. Taken over a long period of time, ephedrine has side effects such as tremors, high blood pressure, tachycardia and nervousness. In America , 15 deaths from the intake of ephedrine are already known.

It depends on the dosage


Whether you can celebrate success as a bodybuilder with ephedrine depends solely on the right dosage. Anyone who has received ephedrine from the pharmacy should follow the dosage instructions exactly. The optimal dose for fat burning is 25mg ephedrine three times a day. It is best taken before meals with plenty of liquid. Half the dose is sufficient for women. For athletes, however, the dosage is different. Depending on the level of development and weight, the optimal doses vary between 20 and 100 mg, which should be taken half an hour before the start of training. The user should make sure that the smallest available dose is chosen. For women, on the other hand, only half is allowed.

Ephedrine as a fat burner

Drugs containing ephedrine are available from pharmacies and by prescription, but you can also get them online. In bodybuilding or other fitness training, ephedrine is considered prohibited because it falls under the category of doping substances. In addition, ephedrine is also a drug belonging to the amphetamine group within the meaning of driving license law. Substances containing ephedrine are offered in tablet and liquid form. The active ingredient is similar to the body's own adrenaline and is chemically related to the group of amphetamines. Ephedrine is a herbal remedy but is also produced synthetically today. It usually has a mental and physical stimulating effect as well as an appetite suppressant effect. Ephedrine can already be found in Chinese medicine and was prescribed there for asthma and colds. In Germany, ephedrine is one of the most controlled substances because there was and is great potential for abuse in the world of sports. Most drugs that have ephedrine as an ingredient require a prescription or are no longer available on the market at all.

Ephedrine and its side effects

Every drug has side effects, including ephedrine. They express themselves through:

  • Confusion, anxiety and depression
  • Nervousness, irritability, restlessness, physical weakness, insomnia, headaches, profuse sweating and anxiety
  • For a person, they mean an increased perception of their own heartbeat, high blood pressure and an associated faster heartbeat
  • Ephedrine causes shortness of breath in most cases
  • The person has nausea progressing to the point of vomiting

The following side effects are rare:

  • An irregular heartbeat
  • problems urinating

However, there are a lot of other side effects that are known, but it is not possible to say how common they can occur. Side effects are:

  • An effect on blood clotting
  • Increased susceptibility to allergies
  • Personality or emotional changes, severe anxiety
  • Trembling and excessive production of saliva
  • Increased pressure in the eye (glaucorn)
  • Pain in the heart area, a slowing heartbeat, heart failure and low blood pressure
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • Big trouble breathing
  • loss of appetite
  • The decrease in potassium in the blood and a change in blood sugar levels
  • Accumulation of fluid in the lungs

Hallucinations can easily occur with overdose, there have been isolated reports of delusions and personality changes. Admittedly, everything is included here that no one wants, but the manufacturer of a preparation that contains ephedrine must protect themselves for liability reasons and state all side effects that have occurred, even if only for a single person. Incidentally, this is the case with many drugs. On the other hand, it is important to say that all the side effects described here subside as soon as the drug is discontinued.

Lose weight with ephedrine

On the other hand, arguably nothing is as good for weight loss as ephedrine. It's been at the forefront of fat burners since the '90s, and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. The fact is, there is no substitute for ephedrine. As a fat burner for losing weight, ephedrine has three points. It noticeably reduces appetite. As a result, you naturally consume fewer calories, which makes it much easier to lose weight. Ephedrine increases normal body temperature, causing the body to burn its own fat, and ephedrine increases energy and endurance many times over. This is especially good for people who play sports. Because if you can train more persistently, you have a higher calorie burn. However, ephedrine should never be taken without precise dosage instructions, and not for a long period of time either.

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Ephedrine is an alkaloid found primarily in the Ephedra genus of plants. Ephedrine is interesting for bodybuilders.

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