Jojo effect

You don't see success with a diet for a long time and then it does happen, what many fear happens afterwards, the yo-yo effect sets in. Like a yo-yo, the pounds come back and you usually weigh even more than you did before the diet. There doesn't seem to be a panacea for this yet, but the scientists agree on one point that it has to do with people's metabolism, because it's different for everyone, faster for some and slower for others. 66% of men and 50% of women are overweight, that is one fifth of the population who are obese. The weight of Germans has changed significantly since 1960. The body mass index used to be 21, but it is now 26. Since then, every adult has weighed a good 15 kilos too much.

The search for a panacea!

The body always uses food in the same way, but the success of a diet is not given for everyone. About 80% of overweight people know the yo-yo effect. But the other 20% can maintain their weight. How does it work? There is no ideal diet that works for everyone. Some try it with cabbage soup, others with schnitzel. Some need a lot of fruit and vegetables to get full, for others a hard-boiled egg is enough. Menopausal women have a different metabolism than adolescents. These are all factors that show that no diet gives the same result for everyone.

How does the body react?

Normally, when dieting, the human body adjusts to reduced food intake, the metabolism slows down, and adapts to "starvation". A diet should normally conform to a light diet, that is, salads, fruits, vegetables, and lots of whole grains should be eaten, but once success has set in, many people fall back into their old habits of eating what they hunger for and then the pounds come back faster than they went. And now comes the most common reason for the yo-yo effect , disappointment. It's so big that people react with frequent frustrated eating. All discipline and perseverance are gone, and chocolate and other goodies are grabbed. Which then causes it that you gain even more weight than before.

Can anything be done about it?

The word diet should be removed from his vocabulary and replaced with a change in diet. That's the magic word. If you stick to the rules of a change, you won't have a big problem keeping your weight. Under no circumstances should you go hungry, as your body will thank you with hunger pangs. Losing weight should only be done slowly, you shouldn't lose more than a kilo per week . Reduce your energy intake to a maximum of 500 calories a day and of course, how could it be otherwise, do a lot of sport. Exercise is the be-all and end-all of losing weight. Meals should be eaten slowly and enjoyed , and eating in front of the television or computer should be avoided. It is also very important to avoid nibbles and eat an apple instead. If you stick to these rules, nothing stands in the way of you keeping your weight permanently.

Viet Trinh

You don't see success with a diet for a long time and if it does appear, what many fear happens afterwards, the yo-yo effect.

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