Can a diet make you fat? – About the artificial sugars

Anyone who is losing weight will like to use the so-called diet products, because they are said to be the ultimate slimming products and save a lot of calories. However, these products contain a lot of sweeteners and it remains to be seen whether these are really always the best. It has been scientifically proven that our brains are not fooled by these sweeteners. It is perceived that these are cute, but the real effect is completely missing. So the result will be that there will be no craving for real sugar at all.

What happens when you eat sweetener

The brain doesn't get its reward that is triggered by sugar and so the cravings remain. So that can mean that this sugar substitute can't really help with a diet. So if sweet things are eaten, but the calories are not supplied, then the brain and also the food regulation get completely confused. The brain then reacts with a feeling of hunger and thus demands even more nutrients. Ultimately, this means that even more sugary things are eaten. In addition, the blood sugar level gets completely mixed up, because the pancreas does not get enough insulin and this in turn can trigger hunger.

Still, sweeteners have benefits

However, sweeteners must not be fundamentally badmouthed, because there are also advantages over conventional sugar and these would be:
  • The craving for sweets is satisfied
  • Sweeteners do not attack the teeth, so caries can be prevented
  • Sweeteners either have no calories at all or very few

What exactly are sweeteners and do they help with dieting

Sweeteners are generally compounds found in nature. But this is also available as purely synthetic fabrics. No matter which variant is ultimately used, they all have one thing in common and that would be that the sweetening power is extremely high. For a long time it was the case that sweeteners were traded as the miracle weapon for overweight, but that has long since changed. Basically, these can be seen as a kind of substitute, but our body doesn't like to be fooled and quickly notices the "dizziness". But there is also a disadvantage, because the overweight person certainly does not learn to curb his appetite for sweets and this can then develop into a fatal cycle. And so it is certainly not learned to curb eating behavior and especially the consumption of sweets. In addition, the body lacks the energy it gets from eating sugar and will continue to crave it.

Does sweetener make you fat?

Basically it is like this, sweetener is low in calories and therefore cannot actually make you fat. But now there are many studies that sweeteners make you fat. Which is also very easy to explain, because the consumption of sweeteners can completely mess up the insulin balance. The brain is fooled into believing that sugar is being eaten and the sugar level drops, but this inevitably leads to binge eating. Unfortunately, this can then be resisted in very few cases and things are eaten that are certainly not suitable for a diet, and the calorie intake increases extremely. Unfortunately, it also happens again and again that more products are eaten that are sweetened with sweeteners, because after all they have far fewer calories, but in total this can add up, because in the other components of the food , stuck more calories. Therefore, the handling of southern fabrics should always be carefully considered.

Harm sweeteners to health

Basically, it must be said that those who use sweeteners prudently do not endanger their health. But too much of it can lead to health problems sooner or later. Some of the sweeteners are even suspected of being carcinogenic. But there have been no scientific studies on this so far.

Viet Trinh

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