Actually, everyone has heard of caries and many know the disease that leads to unpleasant cavities in the teeth from their own experience. But caries as a disease has different causes and different things can be done about it. In addition , tooth decay can occur in children and is not excluded at any age . It is a contagious disease that should be treated quickly for this reason. Also, a fact that many people don't know is that tooth decay is transmissible from person to person. Caries usually occurs when there is insufficient dental care, for example when too much plaque forms on the teeth and this is not removed. Plaque is formed from leftover food and saliva components. This firmly adhering film on the teeth is also known as plaque. Generally speaking, tooth decay attacks the enamel and the bacteria then cause the dreaded and painful cavities in the teeth.

Symptoms of tooth decay

Caries is a gradual process and can therefore still be stopped - at least if the disease is detected early enough. Since these bacteria absorb the sugar from food and convert it into acid, which then attacks the tooth enamel, the tooth is only gradually destroyed. Tooth decay gradually spreads to the dentin and destroys the tooth more and more. But the first sign of tooth decay is white or brown spots on the tooth. If the teeth react very sensitively to heat or cold, then this is also often a symptom of tooth decay. If such spots are discovered or if this sensitivity persists, a dentist should be consulted immediately. If the process is not that far advanced, the doctor can still do something. If you have tooth decay for a long time, the affected area must be removed and the resulting hole must be closed with a filling. But there are ways to prevent it from getting that far in the first place and to prevent tooth decay from spreading or developing.

Prevention through thorough dental care

The best protection against tooth decay is appropriate dental care and avoiding too much sugar , since sugar actually promotes and strengthens tooth decay. The teeth should be brushed daily and also treated with dental floss and interdental brushes so that no deposits can form on the teeth in the first place, which in turn are the ideal breeding ground for tooth decay. In addition, it makes sense to strengthen the enamel early on, something that is possible, for example, with fluoride from gels and toothpastes. If these preventive measures are taken, caries disease cannot be ruled out, but the probability of this is significantly lower with these measures.

Risk of tooth decay in young children

baby teeth
Baby teeth Tooth decay can occur at any age and even babies can be attacked after birth by the bacteria that settle in the oral cavity. The so-called feeding bottle caries occurs particularly often, in which babies drink sweet and high-sugar drinks from the bottle, which attack the incisors with their acids. Such a bottle is therefore not suitable for calming down and parents should under no circumstances lick the bottle, since tooth decay is contagious and can therefore also be transmitted from parents to child. Appropriate oral care and avoiding such very sweet drinks in the bottle is therefore the best way to prevent tooth decay at an early age.

Recognize the symptoms early

As already mentioned, the white or brown spots on the tooth surface are the first stage of tooth decay. At this stage you don't feel any pain. The pain only begins when the teeth become sensitive to cold or heat and the dentin is damaged. In such a case, however, the tooth decay is already deeper and it is not uncommon for an unpleasant root canal treatment to be the result so that the disease can be stopped. However, if the right dental care is practiced and the six-month check-ups at the doctor's are really used, then the probability of developing caries is lower. It should therefore not be waited until pain is present, since in this case it is usually late and the disease has progressed. With the right dental care, regular visits to the doctor and not eating too much sweets, however, the bacteria can be kept in check and the dreaded disease does not have to break out.

Viet Trinh

Actually, everyone has heard of caries and many are familiar with the disease that leads to unpleasant cavities in the teeth.

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