Make your own coconut flour

Getting an overview of which flour does not contain gluten is not that easy given the large number of types of flour. Many people suffer from gluten intolerance (celiac disease) and often have to do without baked goods. Gluten is a sticky protein, i.e. a protein so that the flour can bind to form a dough when baking. Gluten intolerance damages the mucous membrane in the small intestine and leads to inflammation and problems with digestion. Good alternatives are helpful and available in a good selection. Many health food stores and health food stores offer gluten-free flour, which is ideal for baking. Gluten-free types of flour are identified by the crossed-out ear of corn on the packaging.

Bake without gluten - make coconut flour yourself

In order to bake completely without gluten, the baking mixture can consist of different types of gluten-free flour. This mixture consists of several flour parts and one part starch. To be on the safe side for coconut flour, this flour can be made at home . This requires an electric mill and coconut flakes or flakes that are roasted. These rasps or flakes are ground in the mill until fine flour is produced. The homemade coconut flour should be kept in the refrigerator . Coconut flour is used differently than regular flour. Since coconut flour cannot bind , a little more liquid and eggs should always be added. Even the taste of coconut flour is different, giving the baked goods a slightly sweet and nutty taste . Due to the sweet taste, sugar can be reduced when baking. By mixing with other gluten-free flours, the right taste is sure to be found. This mixture also adds a lot of minerals, vitamins, fiber and proteins, making it very beneficial for health. After a few tries, everyone who has to live without gluten will surely discover how valuable and tasty the alternative coconut flour can be.

Viet Trinh

This requires a grinder and coconut flakes or rasps that are roasted. Now these rasps are ground until fine flour is formed.

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