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L-carnitine is a chemical compound made from amino acids. L-carnitine is said to cause faster fat burning in the body, thereby leading to a lower body weight. When it comes to dietary supplements when losing weight, many athletes also use fat burners to achieve weight loss, but does the product live up to its promise? L-carnitine is available as capsules, effervescent tablets and in fitness drinks. A lot is promised, but nothing is kept, because L-carnitine is already produced in the body. It's a nitrogenous butyric acid compound that's designed to encourage muscles to burn fat faster. Russian scientists discovered L-carnitine 100 years ago. It is produced in the liver, kidneys and brain. Another intake is through eating beef and mutton. Vegetable foods, on the other hand, hardly contain any L-carnitine. Taking L-carnitine does not in any way stimulate the burning of fat in the body, since it does not get into the cells at all. L-carnitine doesn't burn fat, but it does put money in the purse . Studies that have been closely monitored have not shown any success after taking the supplements. One factor could be that the body's own L-carnitine is not broken down, but remains permanently in the muscles . Thus, L-carnitine is present in the body in sufficient quantity and supplementation is not required. Consumer centers even strongly advise against taking L-carnitine.

Can side effects occur?

Taking the prescribed maximum amount of 2 grams per day, there are no side effects and can therefore be taken even though it has no effect on the body. However, symptoms can occur if this dose is exceeded. If you sweat more than normal, you run the risk of developing dehydration . In addition, it can lead to diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. The bottom line is, if you take the prescribed dose, there are no side effects. Health consequences can only occur in the event of an overdose. It has therefore been proven that the human body is very well able to produce the L-carnitine that it needs itself, it does not need to be ingested in order to burn fat faster. The L-carnitine that is also taken has neither a performance-enhancing effect nor is fat burning accelerated. Taking L-carnitine is therefore not only unnecessary, it also has no proven effect whatsoever. Recently, researchers have even vehemently advised against selling this drug in Germany, since L-carnitine is also a component of red meat, which is consumed in large quantities. Everyone takes in between 300 and 600 grams per week. If the normal dose of L-carnitine in the body is exceeded over a longer period of time, it could lead to health problems. In the body, L-carnitine is converted by bacteria living in the intestines into a substance that can lead to hardening of the arteries. Larger amounts of L-carnitine will sooner or later lead to arteriosclerosis.

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