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Liposomal Vitamin C reviews

by Viet Trinh on May 05, 2023

In this article you will find a small list of liposomal vitamin C reports from Vinplus and why we are multiple winners/test winners in various comparisons (Bild.de,vergleich.org,best-testsieger.de and many more):

  • High-quality & study-based ingredients
  • Transparent production in Germany
  • Lower price instead of profit
  • Anti-Allergy Guarantee

Vinplus Liposomal Vitamin C is multiple winner/test winner

Tested by independent comparison/test portals. Multiple awards in many categories. Numerous positive testimonials. " Anti-allergy guarantee " in case you don't tolerate it.

Price-performance winner (11/2021) at Comparison.org ( for comparison )

Top 10 (01/2022) at gesundheitszentrale.eu ( for comparison )

The best liquid liposomal vitamin C with sea buckthorn (01/2022) at fitforbeach.de ( for comparison )

10 best vitamin c liposomal in Germany (01/2022) at besteviews.de ( for comparison )

Test winner - Best recommendation (2021) at Beste-testsieger.de ( for comparison )

Price tip (11/2021) from Warenvergleich.de ( for comparison )

Price-performance winner (11/2021) at Bild.de ( for comparison )

Field report (2022) by engel2016-testet-gern ( to the report )

What buyers say about us

Great value for money

The liposomal vitamin C has a great price-performance ratio. It helped me a lot when I was sick and I felt like it got me back on my feet quickly. You can argue about the taste, but I don't find it disturbing at all, since you mix the vitamin C with juice anyway. I will definitely buy it again.

Tastes slightly sour, but good! :)

I really like Vin+ Liposomal Vitamin C! I drank it with orange juice and it was great to drink. You can taste the sea buckthorn a bit sour, but only minimally. I prefer this concentrate to any effervescent tablet or tablet! ^^ I especially like the high-quality glass bottle. I am no longer a fan of plastic bottles. The bottle was packaged really well too! Highly recommended!

Apparently helps

I bought the vitamin C preparation to do something good for the body, so far it seems to have helped, I feel good etc.
It is best to drink it with a flavor-intensive juice, then it is not so bitter.

Highly recommend Liposomal Vitamin C

Since I had health problems a few years ago, I make sure that I additionally strengthen my immune system with important vitamins.
That's how I came across this liposomal vitamin C with 30% higher bioavailability.

For 4 weeks now I have been taking 2 teaspoons of the high-dose vitamin C with a glass of orange juice every day.
It tastes slightly bitter and has the consistency of cough syrup, but the juice makes it really easy to take.
I feel healthy and strengthened by taking it.

1 comment
by Petra Kinzer on August 08, 2023

Ich habe liposomales Vitamin C zum ersten Mal bestellt und heute ist es gleich ausprobiert worden. Mit Saft gemischt, hat es uns sehr gut geschmeckt.
Eine Erweiterung des Sortiments wie z. B. auch liposomales Vitamin C plus Zink, wäre sehr schön.
Die Vitamin D Tropfen mit 5000 IE, finde ich auch super für den Preis. Auch hier wäre alternativ D+K2 toll.


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