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When young, men do not give much thought to preventive health care and few women do. Visits to the doctor are kept to a minimum or only when it really hurts.
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Conform to the norm and the ideal

Society today has created an image of a man that many men naturally want to match. This ideal image shows a vigorous, healthy man without being overweight, with a full head of hair, slightly tanned, strong and strong . Unfortunately, not so many men really correspond to this norm and inferiority complexes are spreading, especially when one or the other niggle shows up here. In particular, there is one area in which the man always has to bring EVERYTHING, meaning potency here. It is still common today that when the desire to have children is unfulfilled, the woman is initially held responsible for the fact that no offspring appear. If this aspect is then clarified, many men with angel tongues still have to be persuaded to undergo the examination for fertility. The first stage of this examination is actually completely painless, the only problem that has to be overcome is that of delivering freshly collected sperm. Many men are overwhelmed by this. If the examination of the ejaculate reveals that the semen is not agile or only to a limited extent, this often leads to a breakdown, followed by marital crises and sometimes even severe depression . Another taboo subject in men's world is the actual potency, namely not the ability to reproduce, but the sexual performance. For many men it is depressing when "he" no longer stands as often and as stably and the man thinks he is no longer attractive enough for his partner. Many men make a mistake in their thinking, as they believe that only their penis can bring fulfillment to a woman during sex. However, numerous studies and research have shown that this is not always the case. The fact is , when it comes to men's health, special sensitivity must be shown, this applies to the partner, as well as to the medical staff and the doctor. The male psyche is far more sensitive and vulnerable than it appears on the outside, and this does not only apply to areas related to sexuality and reproduction.

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At a young age, no men and few women give a thought to preventive health and care. Read more here!

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