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Nobody needs to be particularly pointed out that the male body and also the male psyche differ from the female body and its psyche. Up to now, however, it has always been the case that questions about the health of men somehow always fell behind. Men didn't and still don't like to talk about it when they get sick or suffer from other physical or mental problems.

Show strength and have courage to be weak

Even today, when raising little boys, it is still common to teach them different values ​​than girls. They are taught not to be whiny, to always be strong, and not to mess around with wounds and injuries. Although not all parents react in the same way when they are brought up, which is then very advantageous and important for later development into a man. Men can and should definitely stand by their feelings and also by their physical complaints. It is not uncommon for men to suffer from burnout syndrome because they exhaust themselves completely at work and in the family and then do not admit that they are burned out and empty. At that moment, the course is set for a fatal vicious circle. A lot of things are going wrong at work or overtime has to be worked, which leads to total exhaustion, then the family still demands their rights and finally the marital obligations on a sexual level have to be fulfilled. It is not uncommon for problems with potency to appear, which then also hit the psyche, the man thinks he is no longer able to perform and the worst-case scenario is almost inevitable. If an understanding partner and a good doctor are missing here, then it can happen that the man suffers a heart attack, a stroke or another serious illness and that the problems with potency are still so extensive afterwards that they hardly exist anymore can be gotten under control. Here the man should rethink! If problems of this kind arise, the first point of contact is always your own partner, or at least he should be, or a good and understanding doctor. It is not uncommon for the term “male doctor” to be used in this context.

Viet Trinh

Nobody needs to point out that the male body and also the male psyche differ from the female body.

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