Bake with coconut flour

Fresh coconuts give the healthy coconut flour. Immediately after harvesting, the white flesh of the nut is processed. The oil is extracted from the pulp, leaving only the fibers. These fibers are then dried and finely ground. Coconut flour is ideal for baking. A healthy addition without sugar. The flour can also be added to yoghurt and muesli. Coconut flour does not contain gluten, which is an ideal alternative for people with gluten intolerance. The flour is free of sulfates , but it has a large proportion of important dietary fibers and proteins. For baking, the coconut flour should be replaced by a third of the actual amount of flour, since this flour does not contain the "sticky protein" that holds the dough together. Due to the natural sweetness in the flour, less sugar can be used in baking.
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Coconut flour for refining and baking

Coconut flour is not only a healthy ingredient in many dishes, it also has a number of benefits. With cooking and eating, flour affects the state of health and can noticeably change it. With the addition of coconut flour, another new taste hits the palate. Coconut flour also contains only 12 percent of its own oil, plenty of fiber and a small 20 percent of protein. Despite the few ingredients, the enjoyment does not fall by the wayside. Any cake, or pastry and biscuits can be made wonderfully with coconut flour. If, of course, you want or have to do without gluten entirely, you can mix different types of gluten-free flour with the coconut flour. The positive thing is that health gets valuable nutritional values ​​and baked goods and cakes get a nutty aroma. Baking with coconut flour can therefore be a taste advantage and a plus for health. So people with gluten intolerance can enjoy any kind of cake or bread.

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Fresh coconuts give the healthy coconut flour. Immediately after harvesting, the white flesh of the nut is processed. Read more about it here!

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