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A really unpleasant thing is bad breath - this can be torture for those affected, but the environment is particularly affected and suffers from bad breath. If your partner has bad breath, for example, it is particularly unpleasant. Bad breath can have very different causes and is by no means always due to the consumption of garlic, onions or alcohol. Rather, strong bad breath can also be a sign of a more serious illness, so that it should be observed and treated. After all, persistent bad breath is unpleasant and can isolate everyone because other people don't find it that pleasant.

A common affliction

Bad breath is very common, it can be said that about one in four people suffer from bad breath, and it is not due to the consumption of garlic or alcohol. In almost everyone affected, bad breath is due to disorders in the mouth, nose or throat. Stomach problems are also, in rarer cases, a reason for the bad smell from the mouth . However, there is also a special form of bad breath that affects around ten percent of those affected, known as halitosis . The odor not only escapes from the mouth, but also from the nose and can therefore also be noticed when the mouth is closed. It is more problematic that many people do not know that they have bad breath. In such a case, the doctor can also help if friends or family say nothing or if you are afraid to ask others.

Causes of bad breath

Very common diseases that cause bad breath are inflammation of the gums and tooth decay. But there are other possible causes, such as a chronic sinus infection, problems with the digestive system or dry mouth. Dry mouth and reduced salivation produce acids that also lead to an unpleasant odor. It turns out that very different diseases can lead to bad breath and that something should be done about these diseases. Overall, however, it is clear that bad breath is often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and that something urgently needs to be changed in terms of lifestyle and diet. While there are various ways to curb bad breath, these measures will not last as long without permanent changes in diet and lifestyle. After all, it is the bacteria that must be fought and not just the foul-smelling breath.

Help against bad breath

There are several ways to do something about bad breath. Since bad breath is a clear sign of a disturbed oral flora and is made worse by protein, attention should first be paid to nutrition. If you don't want to change your entire diet, it can be enough to do without a certain stimulant so that the unpleasant smell gets better. Beer, coffee, wine and milk in particular are often the cause of bad breath. For some people, even completely abstaining from one of these stimulants helps to stop the bad breath. Many sufferers chew gum or suck on lozenges all the time, but this only masks the odor for a while and doesn't kill the bacteria. Since chewing gum, like candy, is not very healthy, it is better to use natural breath improvers. Fresh parsley, for example, is very suitable. However, there are even herbs that not only improve breath but actually decrease the bacteria responsible for bad breath. These herbs include eucalyptus, chamomile, fennel, mint, rosemary, tea tree, and sage, among others.

Through a healthy life to a pleasant breath

Ultimately, bad breath is all about reducing the bacteria present or preventing them from developing in the first place. The herbs mentioned above help, but daily and thorough dental care is much more important. A lot can also be changed by eating the right food and avoiding certain stimulants. Bad breath can also be a sign of a disease that should be treated by a doctor. Above all, however, a healthy life with the right diet is a good foundation, so that bad breath does not appear in the first place and the bacteria are kept as low as possible from the start.

Viet Trinh

One unpleasant thing is bad breath - this can become a torment for those affected, but the environment is particularly badly affected.

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