Oral Health and Dental Health

Beautiful, well-groomed teeth and a healthy mouth ensure a radiant smile on the one hand and fewer problems with the teeth into old age on the other. In order to counteract tooth decay, periodontal disease and bad breath, however, it is important that the appropriate care is started in good time. In order to have healthy teeth into old age, it is important that daily and correct care is applied since childhood. If the basic rules of dental care are not observed, there are often problems with the mouth and teeth, which can become painful and lead to extensive visits to the rather dreaded dentist.

Appropriate dental care begins in childhood.

As soon as the first teeth appear, brushing should begin, because just because these teeth do not stay does not mean that dental care should be neglected. It is also very important that the pacifier used should not be licked off, because dangerous caries bacteria can be transmitted with the saliva. It is therefore important to lay the foundation for well-groomed teeth and a healthy mouth as early as childhood. Especially at an early age, care should be taken to ensure that teeth are cleaned after eating sweets and that the children are used to it straight away so that they can do the same later.

Proper care and provision into old age.

Adults should adhere to the basic rule that teeth should be thoroughly brushed twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. In addition, dental floss or an interdental brush should be used once a day to complete the care and to remove bothersome deposits. Every six months there is also a visit to the dentist who checks the teeth and can thus do something about existing problems in good time if necessary. A professional tooth cleaning also ensures a good feeling and a radiant smile. Since many adults would like to do something for their teeth after lunch and feel unwell, sugar-free chewing gum can be chewed, which stimulates saliva production and can thus prevent acids in the mouth. In old age, a mint lozenge can be used, as the dry mouth that often occurs in seniors can cause acids to form in the mouth. In many cases, dry mouth in seniors results from the different medications that people in this age group are taking. With these care measures, healthy teeth can be ensured at all times and possible diseases in the mouth can be detected early enough .

A healthy mouth is related to a healthy body.

Oral health not only has a major impact on well-being and ensures strong and beautiful teeth - various studies have shown that oral health is directly related to the health of the rest of the body. Various diseases in the mouth, such as periodontal disease, can attack the entire cardiovascular system and increase the risk of diabetes. In addition, diseases of the body can be detected early in the mouth and thus slowed down. For these reasons, daily and conscientious dental care is particularly important in addition to regular visits to a dentist, not only to have beautiful teeth and a healthy mouth, but also to remain as healthy as possible into old age.

Viet Trinh

Beautiful, well-groomed teeth and a healthy mouth ensure a radiant smile on the one hand and fewer problems with your teeth on the other.

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