Impotence and erectile dysfunction

These disorders are not that rare, according to estimates, around 5 million men nationwide suffer from these problems. And many of them do not dare to consult a doctor with their problem. However, it does not only affect older men, but younger men can also be affected by this problem.
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When do you actually speak of an erectile dysfunction?

If erectile dysfunction occurs over a period of more than three months , as is the medical term for it, then one speaks of an erectile dysfunction. This can vary. So it can be that with one man the stiffness of the limb is no longer sufficient to perform the sexual act, with the other it takes a long time before stiffness occurs and with the next the limb no longer becomes stiff at all, even though there is sexual desire. These problems affect both the psyche of the man and that of the partner. If you don't talk openly and honestly here, serious problems can quickly arise in the relationship.

What can you do about it?

After the conversation with the partner and if loving and patient attempts by both sides have not worked, the man should see a men's doctor, who can be a urologist or an andrologist , but the man with this problem can also see his family doctor. If they know you well, the first thing they will probably do is ask detailed questions and find out when the problem occurred and sometimes a solution will be found. In many cases, the conversation already shows that stress is the trigger for the potency problems . Maybe there was a promotion or there was restructuring in the company, but maybe there was a new generation, because not only women change in the role of mother but also men. If psychological stress can be ruled out, the family doctor will usually issue a referral to a specialist, the urologist, in order to rule out organic causes. You don't always have to expect the worst, other little things can also cause erectile dysfunction. If the examination by the urologist does not result in anything either, then the next stop is the internist, because it is hard to believe, but heart and circulatory diseases and other diseases can have an effect on the ability to have an erection.

forms of therapy

If stress and mental stress are the triggers for potency problems, the stress must be reduced or forms of relaxation must be found. Sometimes a few therapy sessions with a psychologist help and sometimes you have to make a little change in your life. Courses that are recommended for relaxation are yoga, tai chi, qi gong or relaxation according to Jacobson. If these measures do not work, potency-enhancing drugs can also be prescribed for a short time , but care must be taken to ensure that the state of health is monitored, since these drugs usually all lead to an increase in blood pressure. Mechanical aids are only required if it is actually due to physical causes and the operation or other therapies do not lead to an independent stiffness of the limb. Because a good and healthy sex life is important for the general well-being of man. But these mechanical aids are rarely used. This is usually the case following cancer therapy.

Avoid mistakes in reasoning

Every man should avoid a serious misconception on this subject, potency and erectile dysfunction are not to be equated with infertility or infertility. Because even a man whose member does not get stiff is able to develop healthy and agile sperm. So if you want to have children and at the same time have an acute erectile dysfunction, you don't have to give up hope. The semen can still be obtained through stimulation and the woman can be artificially inseminated with her own husband's sperm. This is also an option, for example, if an erectile dysfunction has occurred as a result of an accident or another illness and it is foreseeable that this will possibly last longer.

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These disorders are not that rare, according to estimates, around 5 million men nationwide suffer from these problems. see a doctor?

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