Rapunzel carob powder

Due to the fact that I have already read a lot about the carob powder and also heard a lot, I ordered the Rapunzel carob powder. This powder is considered an alternative to cocoa powder , being lower in fat but still as sweet as cocoa is. The second reason why I ordered the powder is that I don't tolerate chocolate or cocoa, and Rapunzel's carob powder is an excellent alternative for that. The powder comes in a large and sturdy jar sealed with a plastic lid. In my opinion, the diameter of the can was a bit too big and when I opened the can I was met by a cloud of powder dust, but I quickly solved that by transferring the carob powder to another container. As far as the taste is concerned, the carob powder comes very close to cocoa , although it has to be said that the powder has a slightly bitter note. Furthermore, one can say about the taste that it is a bit fruitier than cocoa. When I drank the carob powder for the first time, I thought at first that it tasted a bit more subtle than cocoa. In short, you can't expect the carob powder to taste 100% like cocoa. But now I am convinced of carob and prefer it to cocoa.

My conclusion

The Rapunzel carob powder absolutely convinced me and I will definitely order it again. In addition, you should always keep in mind that carob is lower in fat than cocoa and is also caffeine-free . How many more reasons do you need to use the carob powder? So I can only say that the carob powder is recommended !

Viet Trinh

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