Sweaty hands - can you do something about it?


Sweaty hands are often a sign of anxiety, nervousness, and excitement . In general, there is little you can do about it, but there are a few things you can do to at least keep your sweating in check. Many people are afraid of various situations, such as a job interview or even just a visit to the doctor, which then manifests itself in wet hands. For many, this is a problem and they are ashamed of it, because everyone who shakes their hand notices it immediately. When people are stressed and restless, their bodies produce more sweat in certain places. They should use relaxation techniques such as yoga to prepare for such specific situations. Autogenic training also helps to influence the vegetative nervous system of a person and thus bodily functions are controlled. It is extremely important to slow down the pulse and therefore breathe calmly and evenly.

Can something like this become chronic?

If a person's hands are often sweaty, a visit to a doctor is essential , because hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) could exist. An overactive thyroid may be the reason and this can be remedied with medication. However, in 50 percent of people who exhibit sweaty hands, the problem is genetic . For many young people, the problem begins at an early age, but decreases with age. If a dermatologist excludes a pathological background after an examination, the person should test which of the known countermeasures help. On the one hand there are proven deodorants and on the other hand sage is a way to curb sweating.

Measures against sweaty hands

There are now not only deodorants against armpit odor and sweat, but also for the hands. They are made on the basis of metal salts such as aluminum chloride. These deodorants clog the sweat pores and liquid can no longer escape. In 90 percent of the people who tried these, there was relief from the symptoms after a relatively short time. A doctor can even prescribe other remedies, since they are only available in pharmacies. These are creams, tinctures or gels. Sweaty hands and feet are common. Although this is not a major problem, it is uncomfortable and often embarrassing for those affected. It may well be that in some cases they have a strong impact on daily life, both functionally and socially. To make matters worse, these people not only struggle to shake hands with others, but they struggle to hold a glass or hold on to a banister. For many, this leads to psychological stress, embarrassment and even inconvenience.

The symptoms:


Symptoms are manifested by excessive sweating in the palm of the hand. If you wipe your hands, new sweat forms immediately. It often happens that the color of the hands changes. They then turn pink, one of the reasons for this is that there is sodium and other substances in human sweat. There are different degrees of severity for sweaty hands. Individuals with more mild hand perspiration are not usually functionally or socially impaired, but it becomes more severe in those who sweat profusely from their hands to the point of dripping sweat from their hands. They are so impaired in their daily lives that they hardly ever leave the house. Herbal treatment is preferred in most cases as it does not have any side effects. These include sage teas and sage creams. Sweaty hands can be reduced by up to 50 percent. Then there are sage tablets, their areas of application relate to perspiration of various causes. They are administered in particular during the menopause, in the case of outbreaks of night sweats or outbreaks of sweat caused by the nervous system.

acupuncture and acupressure

In some cases, the Chinese healing method has already achieved good results. Acupuncture can help control excessive sweating in the hands. Needles are pricked at certain points on the body or slight pressure is applied with a finger during acupressure.


Ionthoporesis has been used successfully against sweaty hands and feet since the 1980s. It is applied to the entire body with the help of a bathtub. With this measure, the affected areas are exposed to a pulsating direct current in a water bath, whereby an ionized drug can penetrate the skin. A treatment lasts 15 to 30 minutes. This treatment has shown a clear improvement in a good 81 percent of the people who have been treated in this way. However, there are disadvantages here, because on the one hand the treatment is very time-consuming, initially two to four times a week. On the other hand, some patients experienced skin irritation, dry skin, blisters, redness and other side effects. Normally, sweating is a completely natural process for the human body to regulate its own temperature and thus function optimally. After all, the human body has a considerable number of sweat glands, namely millions, more than half of which are in the hands. If the body exerts itself now, through sports activities, extremely high temperatures or stress, the glands release a liquid to bring the body back to its normal temperature. Significant successes have been achieved in the treatment of sweaty hands over the past 20 years, including operations. However, experts recommend trying other options first than going under the knife right away.

Viet Trinh

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