Is flatulence the beginning of a bowel disease?

If you suffer from flatulence, then this is the result of a disturbed intestinal flora, which is also just one symptom of many other causes.

If you suffer from constant flatulence

Those who suffer from constant bloating should take this as a serious signal from their body, as it indicates that there is an imbalance in the digestive system that can explicitly affect overall health. If this imbalance has existed for a long time and is permanent, then it can also cause quite serious diseases. In short, flatulence is just a symptom that something is wrong and should be given the necessary attention.

The formation of gases in the intestine

If you suffer from constant flatulence, then this is known to be the result of gases having formed in the intestines. There is nothing unusual in general as these are easily absorbed by the organism and then excreted through the lungs. However, if there is lazing or constant flatulence, then one can conclude that there is an excess formation of gases which the body can no longer process. The result is that the body excretes these gases by causing flatulence, which in many cases is very smelly and audible.

Poison gas alarm in the stomach.

If you suffer from flatulence, then this is by no means harmless air, but rather putrefactive gases that are highly toxic. These can not only damage the natural intestinal flora of the digestive system, but also the entire organism, with the liver being subjected to the most extreme stress. It is therefore particularly important that you drain the flatulence quickly so that you protect the body from self-poisoning.

The food is poorly utilized.

Among other things, the intestinal flora is involved in the utilization and digestion of food, and if this suffers from an imbalance, then this leads to poor digestion, which is indicated by flatulence. The result is that the organism is poorly supplied with nutrients and vital substances, which can ultimately lead to a variety of other negative effects.

The weak immune system

If you suffer from flatulence, then this is also a warning sign that shows that the body does not have enough defenses. A large part of the body's immune system is formed by the healthy intestinal flora and if this is disturbed, then the body's ability to defend itself against the invading pathogenic germs is significantly reduced. In addition, the body is also oppressed by the additional toxins, so that it is subjected to a very stressful situation.

Bloating (flatulence) – the possible consequences

Flatulence is not only uncomfortable for you, but also for those around you. But that's not all, because suffering from flatulence can indicate many problems that need to be solved. This means that not only do you want to get rid of bloating forever, but you also want to avoid suffering from unpleasant side effects such as chronic bowel disease . However, it must be mentioned that there is a long way from occasional flatulence to a chronic intestinal disease, because in between you can also come across other symptoms, such as rheumatism or allergies.

Flatulence - the causes

Flatulence is caused by an imbalance in the natural intestinal flora, which has recently also been referred to as the intestinal microbiota, and the gas-forming intestinal bacteria then form. However, these do not arise due to a quirk of nature, but because, in most cases, the diet of the person concerned and/or his way of life necessitates it.

Viet Trinh

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