Constant burping - what to do?

Burping is a normal bodily reaction if it doesn't get too bad. There are people who just can't stop belching. This is bad for them, of course, because after a while it becomes torturous, but the environment can't really deal with it either, and there are definitely examples where people with this symptom have completely isolated themselves. In many cases, changing your eating habits has brought relief, but there are other ways to get the constant belching under control.

What exactly is burping?

When air is forced down the esophagus, popularly known as a ' belch ', this is natural and comes from having too much air build up in the stomach after eating or drinking. But there is also the possibility that the contents of the stomach are solid, in most cases there is also some stomach acid and that is unpleasant, but not dangerous. It often occurs after eating a meal that is too greasy. It gets really bad when the belching is accompanied by food and a smell of stool, in these cases there may be an intestinal blockage and the person concerned should see a doctor as soon as possible.

The reasons

A lot of times gas is the reason someone keeps belching, that comes from the aforementioned food and occurs especially after consuming legumes, yeast products, coffee, cream, onions or whole grain products that cause more or less a bloating effect and show the result then in constant belching. The way to the doctor is unavoidable when stomach contents are transported back up and that often. For example, there may be an intolerance to food, but this must be clarified by a doctor. In many cases, the doctor will probably recommend a gastroscopy, because constant belching can of course have several causes. For example, it can be a narrowing of the esophagus or an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. If it is a tumor, only surgery can help.

What can you do about it yourself?

  • When eating, talk as little as possible and chew slowly and properly
  • If you suffer from heartburn, you should hold back on greasy and sweet foods
  • Several small meals should be distributed throughout the day, this is also a good way to stop burping
  • Instead of carbonated drinks, it is better to have mineral water with little or no carbon dioxide

A therapy

If the doctor diagnoses an illness, he will suggest the necessary therapy. If it is not a disease, there is still the option of completely changing your eating habits. It can also be quite possible that a food is not tolerated, but you can find that out yourself in a short time. As everyone knows, food and the digestive system are closely related to keep the system healthy if not too much is expected of it. Foods that can cause bloating, spicy foods, and fatty foods can often be difficult to digest, and eating while standing and in a hurry can also encourage belching. Work-related stress is also one of the known causes. However, belching can be prevented if you eat consciously and choose the foods well. However, if the burping lasts longer than 14 days, the doctor must help, because only he can recognize whether there is a disease that can then be treated. Anything that helps air get into the stomach can encourage belching, including eating quickly, drinking quickly, or talking too much while eating. All of this allows air to enter the esophagus and this naturally encourages belching.

Tips for not promoting burping:

  • Not only carbonated drinks should be on the table, but also still water more often
  • Should it be a carbonated drink, it should be consumed in moderation
  • Eating slowly also helps preventively, and you shouldn't necessarily make a lot of small talk during a meal
  • Who chews thoroughly is as good as safe from belching
  • Foods that cause gas should be consumed in moderation as they too can cause belching

Viet Trinh

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