Tips against hunger!

Everyone knows them, the food cravings. They're treacherous, and when they're there, you'd give your shirt off for an ice cream, chocolate, or praline. They are particularly stubborn during a diet or during a stressful phase. However, food cravings do not indicate that the body has a deficiency, but rather that the blood sugar level is too low. This means that the body tries to compensate for stress and negative emotions through food. When you feel full, your body releases more serotonin and you feel better again. At such times, you only eat on a whim, even though your body doesn't need anything, and that's how the nasty love handles get where nobody needs them.

Some advice against food cravings!

The best way to fight off cravings is with distraction. Since such an attack never lasts longer than 15 minutes, it's very easy. But you should distract yourself with something that has nothing to do with food in the least. The second tip is called "chewing gum". Chewing gum creates a feeling of satiety, even before eating it fights hunger. Light products and sweeteners should be avoided. Anyone who eats sugar boosts insulin production and the blood sugar level is reduced. Brushing your teeth. Our oral hygiene can also prevent cravings. The mint taste of most products neutralizes the craving for something sweet. Cravings can also be a warning signal from the body and indicate a possible deficiency symptom. Everyone should ask themselves whether Stress or real hunger is behind it when such an attack overtakes you.Another tip is to fill your stomach with plenty of liquid.People should drink two to three liters a day, mineral water or unsweetened tea is recommended preferable.

How else can I prevent it?

muesli yogurt
If the body does not get any food throughout the day, it can demand it in the evening with a food craving attack. It is therefore advisable to always eat regularly and, if possible, not to skip a meal. Under no circumstances should ready-made products be used, they should remain on the shelves in the supermarket. Better eat more fruits, vegetables and salads, because usually these products have too many carbohydrates, due to which the blood sugar level rises quickly, then insulin is released and the sugar level drops so much that the body creates a feeling of hunger. You should also never go without a hearty breakfast, the saying “eat breakfast like a king” still applies. If you skip breakfast in the morning, your body will fight back with a ravenous hunger attack by noon at the latest. A good breakfast is an essential part of it Muesli and wholemeal products If you get hungry, it's best to go for yoghurt, quark and salads .

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Everyone knows them, the food cravings. They are treacherous, and when they are there, ice cream, chocolate or pralines are gone very quickly.

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