TOP 7 diets in comparison


Various diets at a glance

There are a variety of ways and methods to lose weight with a diet. But whether these are always so healthy and, above all, whether you can actually lose weight with them is more than questionable. When it comes to diets, nutrition experts often have very different opinions. With some diets it is often advantageous to avoid fat, with others, however, even fat should be eaten. Some diets are designed in such a way that only an intensive sports program combined with a special diet brings about the desired weight loss, while others are said to be able to do without sports.

With all the large selection, it is particularly important to find the right concept for you in terms of nutrition. A diet should never be torture, because one thing would be certain in most cases: the diet will certainly not bring the desired success. The consequence of this: A permanent weight loss is not guaranteed, even if the pounds should tumble at first. When you start a diet, you should always think about your nutrition plan first. You will certainly notice that something is going wrong. With the right tactics, losing weight can be easy and permanent. In addition, a diet must never endanger your health, so it is always important to ensure that the diet is varied and balanced.

1. Paleo or Stone Age diet


The basis of this diet is fruit, meat and eggs. The advantage should also clearly be that the food is always fresh. These foods are the diet that our ancestors ate. Therefore, this type of food is also often referred to as the original diet. It is claimed that this diet should protect against all known diseases of civilization. The basics are based on the lifestyle of hunter-gatherers more than 20,000 years ago. In the USA, the Paleo diet has now gained a firm place, as more and more people are sticking to this very advantageous menu. Scientists are certain that this is why the Stone Age diet is so good for us, because the genome of our ancestors from back then hasn't changed much to this day. The Paleo diet is designed to protect against obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet

Studies have shown that calories are processed completely differently on this diet, because they fill you up much better and last longer. Which can be seen as an absolute advantage. Special advantages are also that the food is all fresh and that it is better than other food that has been stored for a long time, as everyone should know. There is also no consumption of industrially processed food, which also protects people from developing food intolerances. While some critics have argued that skipping grain and dairy can't be good, that's certainly not the case. Because grain is not always the best for people and it is no different with milk. Especially since it is a fact that humans are the only creatures that take milk from other mammals after weaning them from their mother's milk. Further investigations show that there are still many indigenous peoples living today who strictly follow the Stone Age diet and there are no known cases of these peoples suffering from diseases such as obesity, elevated blood pressure or cholesterol levels, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

The Paleo concept

Basically, this diet provides that only those foods are eaten that were also eaten in the Stone Age. If you think back to the Stone Age, then there was neither factory farming nor greenhouses, let alone sprays. What was eaten was what lives and washes in nature, in its original state. Therefore, it is obvious that the Paleo diet not only sheds weight, but also increases the health of our bodies.

Prohibited foods:

  • Sugar
  • Grain
  • vegetable fat
  • ready meals
  • milk and milkproducts

2. Shred Diet


The Shred Diet is a diet devised by a doctor named Ian K. Smith . This promises those who want to diet that within 6 weeks at least two dress sizes will be lost and the circumference will shrink by 10 centimeters. The highlight is that this diet supposedly does not require starvation. The shred diet promises true miracles, it is said to be easy to follow and should bring lasting success. A special weight loss concept is said to be responsible for the great success. What is so different and what distinguishes the special diet?

This is how the shred diet works

Basically, the diet is based on a very simple principle, because instead of larger meals spread over 3 pieces a day, at least 7 small meals or snacks are eaten throughout the day. As for the snacks, these are limited to exactly three pieces. So the focus is clearly on getting regular meals. Calorie control must be very strict. Shred diet only works if you exercise. A 45-minute sports program per week is definitely mandatory. The diet and, above all, the inventor promise that there will be rapid and, above all, healthy weight loss. But this can only work if the exact plan is followed. There's no cheating, because every day is planned very precisely and if you don't stick to the plan, you have to repeat the diet day. Strict times must be observed. If the rhythm isn't right, then the entire plan gets muddled. Skipping meals must also be avoided. You have to eat every three to four hours. There are four meals and three snacks per day, each of which must not exceed 150 calories.

What is the goal of eating regularly?

Eating regularly ensures that the hormone balance always remains at the right level. And that's a good thing, because if this level is too high, no more fat can be burned. The shred diet is carried out over a period of 6 weeks. Those who have not yet reached their dream weight can continue with this diet.

Advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages of the shred diet are that there is no feeling of hunger because the body is supplied with enough food. The big disadvantage of the diet would be that it is not easy for working people to stick to the exact meal times.

Shred Diet Allowed Foods:

  • Water
  • Two cups of coffee a day
  • spices (except salt)
  • lean meat
  • Fish
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables

3. Slim while you sleep


SIS stands for the Slim While Sleeping Diet. Losing weight while sleeping is a long-awaited dream for many. But what is actually behind it and can it actually work? In principle, the principle sounds very simple. Because it just has to be eaten at the right time, the right thing. In addition, you have to make sure that you get enough sleep. The concept has existed for 25 years and is ultimately also really healthy in terms of the food. Children and pregnant women can follow this diet without hesitation.

How does SIS work

The developed concept is based on the fact that the body obtains the energy it needs from the existing fat reserves while sleeping. However, it is very important that the body also gets enough sleep, which is why it is so important with this diet to ensure regular and sufficient sleep. This is the only way to ensure that fat burning is not affected by the hormone insulin. Because insulin is the number one enemy of fat burning. It is imperative to be meticulous about what is eaten and when. It is a very valuable help when a precise diet plan is drawn up.

How is the diet going?

Getting this diet right can be easy, but it makes sense to do some research before you start. When starting the diet, it is very important and above all worth knowing that it can only work if iron discipline is observed. With the Slim while you sleep diet, it is also recommended that you make sure you get enough exercise. A sports program should always be carried out so that additional calories can be burned because fat burning can work at full speed. Exercise builds muscle mass and muscles burn extra calories.

What is important in the SIS diet

The diet food pattern stipulates that carbohydrates may only be eaten in the morning. At lunchtime, the composition of the food should be a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates must be avoided completely for dinner. No more than three meals may be eaten per day. And it is very important to make sure that there is at least five hours between each meal.

Snacks are not provided and must be avoided. Sufficient fluid intake is imperative, but only water, tea and coffee are allowed in moderation. During the time of the SIS diet, it is very important that you get enough sleep. Seven to eight hours per night are absolutely necessary.


It is mandatory to deal with the diet in detail. It is important to know what is allowed and what is not. And it is very important to ensure that the carbohydrates are only eaten at the permitted times. Snacks must be avoided without exception. Because with this diet, the intention is that the insulin level is completely shut down so that fat can be burned accordingly.

The advantages:

  • Healthy and low-calorie meals
  • Sports units are required
  • Food can be well varied, therefore varied

The disadvantages:

  • SIS requires a lot of discipline
  • Complete avoidance of snacks
  • Getting enough vitamins and nutrients is not guaranteed. Fruit is often left out due to a lack of snacks.

4. Fasting cures

tape measure

Fasting, many of us have certainly heard something by now, but not so many will have tested it. This is probably due to the fact that you have to be very celibate, because nothing is allowed except water and tea. The body quickly gets used to the nothingness and begins to attack the reserves in the body. No one should become weak, because if even the smallest thing is eaten, then the body immediately adjusts again and the effect that should actually set in is completely gone.

What does fasting do

Basically, fasting is not actually meant to lose weight . Fasting is actually intended for detoxification and the treatment of intestinal diseases. At the beginning of a fast, it is valuable to defecate, which means the colon should be completely empty. After this colon cleansing, no more solid food is eaten. Only water and tea are drunk during the fasting period. After the end of the fasting cure, it is very important that the body slowly gets used to solid food again. In the beginning, only easily digestible food is eaten, the amount is then increased from day to day.

What types of fasting are there?

There are three types of fasting known. Total fasting, only low-calorie drinks are taken here, nothing else. Another type of fasting is modified fasting, here groups join together or this type of fasting is offered in clinics. The third known type of fasting is therapeutic fasting, here fruit and vegetable juices are allowed in addition to water. Fasting is always associated with very little effort and is also very cheap.

Benefits of Fasting:

  • Fasting is the cheapest of all diets
  • Fasting is very easy to do
  • Fasting strengthens the mind, because if you don't always worry about food, you have a clear head.
  • Fasting is a cleansing of the body. The intestine can purify and diseases can disappear.
  • Rapid weight loss


  • Mineral and nutrient deficiencies can occur very quickly
  • Yo-yo effect is almost certain
  • Healthy eating habits are not learned

5. The Pineapple Diet


The pineapple diet is clearly a crash diet. Although this can result in a very rapid loss of weight, unfortunately weight gain also occurs very quickly after the end of the diet. This is a diet that is quite one-sided , because you basically eat very little and if so, it is limited to pineapples. Therefore, this fruit should be eaten with pleasure in order to be able to maintain this form of nutrition.

What does the diet promise?

Since the calorie intake is throttled down to around 1000 calories, the excess pounds can certainly fall off in a short time. Up to three kilos are quite possible within a few days. But as I said, the diet is very one-sided, because only pineapple is actually eaten. If you eat pineapple, you consume a lot of carbohydrates. Because this fruit contains neither protein nor fat. Therefore, the fructose from the fruit is immediately converted into carbohydrates. About two medium-sized fruits are eaten per day throughout the day. However, the goods should always be fresh. Canned pineapples are absolutely taboo, unfortunately they contain far too much sugar.

How does the pineapple diet work

This diet is very easy to do. Elaborate cooking is completely eliminated and sport is not absolutely necessary. Thus, it can also be carried out very well by professionals. There are also no times of day to be considered and the annoying counting of calories is no longer necessary. Water, tea and coffee in moderation are always allowed. The pineapple is easily eaten throughout the day. With this diet, neither when nor how is asked, because here everything revolves around the southern fruit, the pineapple.

How healthy is the pineapple diet

It can actually be assumed that this is a healthy diet, because fruit, or rather pineapple, contains very valuable vitamins and enzymes. But that this diet is really healthy would be doubtful, because it is absolutely monotonous. The body is no longer sufficiently supplied with nutrients, roughage and also the vitamins not contained in pineapple. Sooner or later this can lead to severe deficiency symptoms. This form of dieting is classified as a crash diet, and these always involve risks. If you want to lose 1-2 kilos in the short term, you can do it with the pineapple diet, but it is completely unsuitable for a longer period of time.

Interesting facts about the pineapple diet

The diet can therefore be used for short-term weight loss. Above all by the people who can also accept that the so-called yo-yo effect can occur after the end. The diet is completely unsuitable for long-term weight loss. The pineapple contains enzymes that fight the fat, because the fat burning is boosted and the pounds can easily disappear. This achieved weight loss is probably mainly due to the fact that water and muscles are broken down. This is very fatal for the body over a longer period of time.


  • Rapid weight loss
  • Easy implementation


  • nutrient deficiency
  • Unbalanced diet
  • reduction in muscle mass
  • Vitamin supply is not guaranteed yo-yo effect.

6. Almased Diet


If you are looking for the right diet and have perhaps already tried some diet plans, you will certainly stumble across the Almased diet at some point. Almased is a shake that is drunk to replace meals. The powder is bought, which is then prepared when required. The ingredients are quite valuable, Almased consists of probiotic yoghurt, honey and very good nutrients that are intended to meet human needs. This diet is a product where the manufacturer promises to be able to lose weight in the long term and without the feared yo-yo effect.

How the diet works

The Almased is a diet that is divided into exactly four phases. During the first phase only Almased is drunk. From phase two onwards, the number of shakes is gradually reduced and combined with "normal" food. This process then continues until you have arrived at a complete solid food again. It is always very important that the individual phases are followed exactly, otherwise safe weight loss cannot be guaranteed. On the manufacturer's website, this diet is explained in great detail and supplemented with helpful tips.

  • Drink 3 shakes a day for three days
  • 2 shakes and 1 low-calorie meal for three days
  • 1 shake and 2 low-calorie meals for three days
  • 1 shake and three low-calorie meals for four days

During use with Almased, the blood sugar level is hardly affected. Therefore, saturation is clearly regulated and fat burning is fueled. Due to the shakes, which are very low in calories, a shake only has 230 calories. All of this together leads to weight loss. At least that's what the manufacturer promises. A course of treatment with Almased can influence the metabolism very well. Losing weight is safe and can be used very well to get started with other diets. Because Almased is not suitable for permanent use. If it were to be used for a longer period of time, a nutrient deficiency could quickly set in.

Benefits of Almased

Almased has a very high protein content, which definitely prevents the dangerous loss of muscle mass that will occur on this diet. In addition, there is also an early onset of the feeling of satiety, which is also long-lasting. This can actually help you lose weight. The pounds that are lost will be mostly fat. Adipose tissue can therefore be sensibly broken down with the Almased shakes.

Disadvantages of Almased

Especially in the first phase of the Almased diet, you consume very few calories. The total value is just 930 calories. Basically, a high proportion of protein is consumed, but the proportion of carbohydrates is very low, which is not ideal in the long run. The taste takes some getting used to and can quickly become very boring. The meals are not balanced and also not varied.

7.Weight Watchers


This diet concept is clearly one of the most popular of all. In principle, it should also work very simply, because points simply have to be counted and the daily number must not be exceeded. And the good thing about it is that you don't even have to do without your favorite food.

How Weight Watchers works

All foods are assigned a special point system, which is then referred to as the ProPoints values. There is a plan that has been created for this, on which all of these determined values ​​are listed. Whereby fruit and vegetables are only listed in the rarest of cases, because these can usually be eaten without hesitation, without debiting the daily points account. There are no prohibitions, you just have to make sure that the daily account is not exceeded. The origin of Weight Watchers goes back a long time and was invented in America as early as 1963. The program was made known in Germany in 1970 and more and more people have found their very special weight loss program with it. The great thing about Weight Watchers is that there are regular group meetings, supervised by a trainer, so that successes and failures are discussed. And, of course, motivation is not neglected.

Weight Watchers special foods

In the meantime, the program has become so popular that Weight Watchers is even marketing special foods. These products are filling the shelves of more and more supermarkets. But these products are often sold quite overpriced and basically they are not necessary. Apps also support those who want to diet in order to be able to keep track of what the points are.

Things to know about Weight Watchers

This program is a relatively simple program. In the beginning, it might be difficult for many people to always calculate the points correctly. Nevertheless, it must be said very clearly, since there are no bans, it is a very varied and balanced diet. The flexibility of the diet is guaranteed in any case. If you do sports, you get points credited to your account. The sport does not have to degenerate under any circumstances. A brisk walk can be enough. In addition, you get to the food, again a completely different relationship. It is very good that the people can learn a lot about healthy food again and thus a completely different relationship to food can be established. Actually, it can be said that the body is provided with everything it needs for normal functioning during the diet. There are no bans, but since everyone can choose their own food, there is a risk that not everyone always makes sure that what is eaten is good and provides the body with everything important. In addition, the group meetings are not free of charge, because fees are due here.

The benefits of Weight Watchers

  • Easy Diet
  • Everything can be eaten
  • The body is supplied with everything
  • Group meetings provide support and motivation
  • There is no strict menu

Conclusion about the different diets

So if someone is actually interested in losing weight in the long term and without the yo-yo effect, it is important to work on yourself first. The first priority here is to rethink your lifestyle. Since a diet can only make sense if important points are observed, it must first be clear to everyone. Each of us must be aware of this in order to successfully lose weight and then maintain the new weight.

  • A feeling of satiety must always be present
  • A diet should be easy to integrate into everyday life.
  • Vitamins and minerals should never be neglected

If these rules aren't followed, weight may be lost, but that weight won't last long. A diet can only be successful if there is a fundamental change in life. Discipline is also essential. There is absolutely no point in successfully completing a diet and then reverting to old eating habits. Sport can also be a very important companion, because exercise supports every diet and helps to maintain weight after the diet. It is therefore important to change your diet in combination with sport. Every diet should therefore also be seen as an introduction to a change in lifestyle.

Viet Trinh

There are a number of ways and methods to lose weight with a diet. Here in the article 7 diets are presented!

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