Pros and cons of a protein diet

Diets that are carried out with protein-rich food, i.e. a pure protein diet , are always based on the fact that few carbohydrates are ingested. With this diet, the body changes its entire metabolism. No carbohydrates are burned, only body fat. A protein diet is ideal for losing weight quickly and, above all, easily . Unfortunately, since this diet consists of a lot of meat, fish, products from milk and eggs, it is not suitable for vegetarians. Dieting with protein is very popular and has many benefits. This prompts the body to use existing fat deposits as a source of energy by abstaining from carbohydrates. Since proteins achieve the feeling of being full for a long time, this does not lead to attacks of ravenous hunger. After a week of the protein diet, you can already see the success of a large decrease. Another advantage is that if the protein diet has been maintained for at least half a year, there is no dreaded yo-yo effect . In order to lose weight quickly in a short time, a protein diet is beneficial.

Protein diet and its disadvantages

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However, the plentiful consumption of protein also has disadvantages . Since a protein diet consists mainly of animal foods, large amounts can quickly increase cholesterol levels , which in turn is harmful to the body. In addition, urea is excreted through the kidneys, resulting from the breakdown of protein. The result can be damage to the kidneys , so you should drink a lot during the diet. Another disadvantage of the diet is that it can lead to severe fatigue because the actual carbohydrate supplier is missing. In many diets with protein, a calorie count of 1000 to 1200 is prescribed, which means that the body loses a lot of water and the risk of undersupply is considerable. It should be noted that protein diets cannot replace a healthy diet in the long run. The rapid loss of weight is more due to the loss of water than the actual breakdown of fat, so this one-sided diet can trigger deficiency symptoms in the long term. Due to health impairments, a protein diet is quite unsuitable in the long term. Likewise, after a quick change to the usual diet, the kilos quickly cling to the body again.

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Diets that are carried out with protein-rich food, i.e. pure protein diet, are based on the fact that few carbohydrates are ingested.

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