What are liposomes?

Medicines, whether herbal or chemical, are available in a wide variety of compositions and formulations. It is not only the ingredient that determines the decisive difference. Even as far as the encapsulation of the important ingredient or active ingredient is concerned, there are numerous differences which also affect the mode of action of the respective agent. A special formulation is the liposomal. Active ingredients are encapsulated and enclosed in a very special way, so that they can reach the human organism in higher doses.

What Are Liposomes?

Liposomes are a very special formulation for medicines and dietary supplements. Each product in this category has a very special active ingredient that can be taken in tablet, powder or liquid form. The problem with the conventional, i.e. regular, formulations is that a large part of the active ingredients are often lost on the way through the body. This usually happens when passing through the stomach area, as the stomach acid breaks down some of the active ingredients before they take effect. This means that only a small part of the active ingredient can be used in the intestine.

However, the situation is different with liposomal products. Because liposomes are small bubbles that have a double-walled shell or membrane. Through this membrane, for example, a wide variety of active ingredients can be transported in a protected manner without large losses of the active ingredients occurring. A large part of the important ingredients can thus be transported into the body where they are ultimately needed. [1]

The membrane of a liposome also consists of a fat-soluble and an aqueous layer. For this reason, different active ingredients can be effectively enclosed in this membrane and transported further. [2] The membrane only dissolves once it has passed through the stomach acid.

Liposome absorbs ingredient. protection and transportation. Release of the ingredients into the cell.

Liposomes are not just liposomes

Basically, liposomes are all identical in their structure, but liposomes are not just liposomes. Even if the basic structure is the same, the exact composition determines which areas the liposomes can be used for. Because liposomal products are not only used in the field of medicines. From the cosmetic field, these are also indispensable. Depending on the composition of the liposomes, it is decided whether it is a care additive, stabilizer, anti-inflammatory or the like.

There are therefore numerous different formulations that can be used in a wide variety of areas. Very flexible liposomes, for example, ensure that the skin is well supplied with important fatty acids. [3] In the medical field, it is important that the liposomes are as stable as possible, that the important areas can be passed in order to be able to supply the active ingredients with high bioavailability. Here it is this bioavailability that shows how high the supply in the human organism is at the end.

Bioavailability – what does this term stand for

Bioavailability sounds like a very pompous word. The meaning is simply explained. The bioavailability shows how well the body is supplied with the respective active substance. In the case of the liposomal formulation, for example, one speaks of a very high. In plain language, this means that on the way through the body to the intestinal area, in which all important nutrients, vitamins or active substances are processed and distributed, a large part of the active substances contained, which are transported through the liposomes, can be used in the organism, or arrive. Further information can also be found at this source, for example.

Preparation of the liposomes

Since liposomes do not just appear out of the air, they too must be manufactured so that they can ensure safe transport through the human body. A particularly effective method, for example, is the production of nano-liposomes. This method is not only effective, but also very simple. Because the active substances and ingredients can be encapsulated or enclosed by means of ultrasound. Especially the ultrasonically encapsulated ingredients and nutrients are characterized by a very high bioavailability.

However, not all ultrasonic devices are suitable for the production of liposomes, or encapsulation. The device must be able to generate enough energy to create an effective encapsulation. The generation of evenly sized particles in the nano range is an essential component in the field of liposomes. Only uniform liposomes are able to ensure good protection of the watery core, i.e. the ingredient, at all times.

Liposomal products - why buy them?

All of the different types of products have their pros and cons. Of course, this also applies to liposomal products. The advantage of these lies primarily in the dietary supplements. Because these can be very unstable, so that good protection for the ingredients is necessary. Because especially in the rather rough environment of the stomach area, the ingredients and active ingredients can damage or even destroy them completely. Thanks to the liposomes, there is strong protection against stomach acid and the like. Since there has been a rethink in the area of ​​food supplements and natural remedies for some time, it is only an advantage if the liposomal formulation is also used in this area. Because of the larger proportion of active ingredients which can then arrive in the body due to the high bioavailability, the food supplements are also upgraded.


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