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The word "wellness" comes from English and is translated into German as "feel good" and "well-being". Wellness cares for the body, strengthens the mind and relaxes the soul. There are many different ways to do wellness. With little effort you can also spend a nice wellness day at home.

Professional wellness treatments

There are now various ways of receiving a wellness treatment. These are offered in cosmetic studios, thermal baths, massage studios and special wellness hotels. Over time, some wellness treatments have developed into proven classics, which are briefly described below: Acupuncture: This therapy method comes from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). By inserting acupuncture needles, the disturbed flow of energy in the body is supposed to be normalized again, thus relieving tension, pain and various diseases. Massages: There are many different types of massages. They help to relax the body and to unwind. Hot chocolate massages, aroma massages or traditional massages, there is a suitable application for everyone. Mud baths: Here, water is mixed with bathing peat, which is mined from the moor. The mud bath has become known for its various healing effects. This is only a very small selection of possible spa treatments. For example, you can also choose between facial and full body treatments.

Wellness for the home

If you want to pamper yourself and your body, you can do this at home in your familiar surroundings. A hot bubble bath by candlelight, with soft music, a hair treatment and a nourishing face mask can work wonders. Here you can unwind and your body can relax in the hot water. You can also get bath additives in the drugstore that spread a pleasant aroma and make it easier for you to relax and switch off. If you like, you can also enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, which is also offered in most wellness hotels. If you don't have a bath, you can just enjoy a long, hot shower. In the drugstore you can get many beautiful shower gels that not only care for your skin, but also pamper your senses with their fragrance. Then apply your favorite body lotion, snuggle up in your bathrobe or a blanket and continue to relax on the couch with a book and a hot cup of tea. An extensive manicure and pedicure are also part of a wellness day at home. Since the cuticles are particularly soft after a bath or shower, they can be easily removed with suitable tools (e.g. a rosewood stick). Then you can paint your toenails and fingernails in a color of your choice. Even if you wear closed-toe shoes: you will notice that you immediately feel even more attractive.

Viet Trinh

The word "wellness" comes from English and is translated into German as "feel good" and "well-being". Also for at home. Read now!

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