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When children have a cold, natural remedies relieve it

by Viet Trinh on February 18, 2023
Babies, toddlers and children are particularly susceptible to colds. Especially in autumn and winter, the little ones get it regularly at intervals of a few weeks. But if a baby or child has a cold, you should not immediately resort to medicines from the pharmacy, but rather access the natural remedies, which also relieve the cold . A cold is caused by viruses, so antibiotics are not necessary. Certainly, the bacteria can multiply, which is then referred to as bacterial superinfection. However, it is important to take the baby or child to a doctor if the cold does not subside significantly within three days of self-treatment. You should also see a pediatrician if there are signs of a bacterial infection, such as a yellowish-greenish runny nose (phlegm). The "normal" cold tea is not suitable for babies or children , nor are cough syrups ! You therefore get special children's cold tea, which can be used for a flu-like infection and a cold. Such a tea contains, for example, elderflowers, linden blossoms and thyme as active ingredients and fennel and mallow blossoms as additives. 1 But children under the age of one should not drink this tea either. If you are not sure, you should consult the pediatrician or seek help at the pharmacy . 1) Sidroga, Mivolis and others.

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