Gingivitis and stomatitis

Oral mucositis occurs very often in connection with gingivitis and is a very unpleasant disease that causes pain and should be treated as quickly as possible . The reason for such inflammations are mostly infections caused by various viruses and local irritations. If such inflammation is noticed, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. The reasons for the development of the infections are quite diverse, but they often have something to do with poor oral hygiene or occur due to a weak immune system. With a weak immune system, the body is more susceptible to a wide variety of viruses. In addition to herpes, the inflammation in the mouth can also come from the attacked health condition.

Causes of such inflammation

Oral mucositis in particular often comes from poorly fitting third teeth, which cause inflammation. In both diseases, however, it is often related to dental hygiene whether an infection develops or not. With appropriate, daily dental care, the risk of oral mucosal inflammation can be minimized, as can the risk of developing gingivitis. The already mentioned weakened immune system is also in many cases the reason for such an inflammation in the oral cavity. Oral mucositis can also be triggered by serious infectious diseases , such as pneumonia, AIDS or measles. But inflammation in the mouth can also occur in the case of blood diseases or poisoning. Especially in connection with other possible symptoms, a doctor should be consulted immediately in the event of such an inflammation. Inflammation of the gums is often caused by plaque that has not been removed. Ultimately, gingivitis is also caused by inadequate dental care.

Various symptoms of the diseases

First of all, you should be aware of why the tissue becomes red and swollen in the first place, because in this way the body tries to remove harmful stimuli and supplies the tissue with more blood. Oral mucosa becomes noticeable through reddened and swollen mucous membranes that cause pain. However, there is also the possibility that oral mucosal inflammation is caused by viruses such as herpes viruses. In such a case, small blisters appear on the mucous membrane, which then burst - in many cases the small blisters also spread to the lips and under the nose. There are no blisters in gingivitis, but even inflamed gums are red, swollen, and often bleed. With such an inflammation, there is usually also strong bad breath and a greasy coating on the teeth.

Preventive measures against sores in the mouth

Consistent dental care is particularly important so that such an inflammation with all its consequences and pain does not occur in the first place. But the position of the third teeth should also be checked regularly so that they do not cause inflammation. The six-monthly visit to the dentist also prevents all diseases, but daily care should not be neglected so that there is no unpleasant result afterwards. Another preventative measure would be rinsing with a mouthwash. The mouthwash should contain essential oils for this purpose, and regular cleaning with dental floss and interdental brushes should not be forgotten so that the painful inflammation cannot occur in the first place.

Viet Trinh

Oral mucositis is very often associated with gingivitis that causes pain and needs to be treated.

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