Recognize signs of diabetes

Diabetes is not a disease that occurs all of a sudden , in most cases it begins gradually and the person affected does not even notice it at first. Fatigue and tiredness without any cause is an indication that diabetes is developing or is already present. But of course there are other points that suggest that diabetes may be present. Many people experience great weight loss coupled with increased thirst. In addition, there is an increased urge to urinate, because the body wants to get rid of the higher sugar content in the body. In this context, many people also suffer from itchy skin and very dry skin.

Be careful

If these symptoms occur individually, you should pay attention to them and see if there are reasons that are responsible for these things, maybe there are other explanations for these things. However, if these symptoms occur together, then only a conversation with the family doctor can bring clarification. Blood is drawn from the patient and examined. Within a few minutes, it can be clarified whether there is a tendency towards diabetes or whether there could be other causes. There are other important indicators, but these are so noticeable that if these symptoms occur, diabetes is likely. If wounds heal very slowly, if the breath suddenly smells of acetone and if there is a sudden increase in infections such as fungal diseases, urinary tract infections or influenza infections . In any case, it is advisable to consult a doctor when these things occur, because undetected diabetes can have serious consequences . Although a mild illness can be treated with a change in lifestyle, it is not always necessary to take medication or even inject insulin. It often helps just to keep the weight within the normal range and to do sports. However, the main contact person is definitely the general practitioner.

Viet Trinh

Diabetes is not a disease that occurs immediately, in most cases it begins gradually and the affected person does not even notice it at first.

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