What time of day exercise?

The right timing plays a role not only for competitive athletes, but also for recreational athletes. If you keep fit with sport, you also want to be able to show successes, for example a better figure, or better times when swimming, or just more breath when climbing stairs.

Does timing really matter?

Early in the morning, the body is still stored for fat burning, in the evening it is easier to break down fat cells. However, it is important that if the sport takes place in the morning , you do not have breakfast beforehand. In general, if you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, you shouldn't force yourself to exercise in the morning, it has to be postponed to the evening when you're fit. In fact, the physical and mental alertness is stronger in the morning, decreases around midday, and then comes back fully in the afternoon. The body revs up again between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. and then performs at its best.

If you want to lose weight, you should exercise!


If you want to lose weight , you should start training first thing in the morning, but don't eat breakfast straight away afterwards, but do without it for at least another two hours. Since the body does not get any carbohydrates during this time, it draws the reserves from the fat stores. Another point why exercise should be done in the morning is that one gets a mental freshness that lasts all day. All you have to do is eat something light at lunchtime. In general, however, there is nothing wrong with exercising in the evening, unless it happens in the summer when it is too hot. Here you should move your training into the early hours of the morning. Even if you have trouble falling asleep, you should not do weight training in the evening, but try yoga, for example. So please do not do any endurance sports in the evening, as the body is stimulated too much and the circulation is running at full speed. So it makes more sense to set your alarm a little earlier and prefer exercising in the morning. At the same time, this drives away the bad mood for the whole day and the ability to concentrate is maintained for a long time. Morning exercise is a good balance, especially for people who have to sit in an office all day long. If you ask a sports scientist what time is the right time to complete your training, you will always get the same answer that there is a right time for everyone . It is still best to find out for yourself what is right for you. If you feel too tired to go to your office after your morning exercise, you should postpone it until the evening, and if someone cannot fall asleep in the evening because you are too upset, you should try it in the morning.

Viet Trinh

The right timing plays a role not only for competitive athletes, but also for recreational athletes. But when is the right time?

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