Sugar paste - hair removal made easy!

Apart from the hair on the head, no one wants to be able to show hair growth on the body these days. Of course there are many products on the market that can be used to remove endogenous hair, but the downside is that they usually cost a lot of money. That is why it has become modern to return to old household remedies, including sugar paste . Every second woman and every third man removes hair from the genital area, those who do not want hair in the armpits are even higher. Sugar paste is a painless alternative to store-bought products for hair removal. For a homemade sugar paste you don't need more like sugar, water and lemon . This method of hair removal has become known through sugaring or also called halawa.

sugar paste

Sugaring has benefits!

Unlike waxing or epilation, sugaring is extremely gentle on the skin. With this method there is no risk of deforming the hair canal. By removing it in the direction of growth, no hair can break and the skin is not irritated as much. If the skin is overreached with other methods, unsightly pimples usually form, which only subside slowly. Hair removal with the sugar paste is suitable for all parts of the body. Not only the bikini zone, but also eyebrows as well as arms and legs can be waxed with the paste. Even if the hair is only two millimeters long, it can be easily removed with a sugar paste. Not only does hair removal only become necessary after about four weeks, but the growth of the hair also slows down over time. Since a sugar paste consists of purely natural ingredients, it cannot cause an allergic reaction and sugar also has an antibacterial effect .

Make your own sugar paste

Sugar paste is easy to make yourself and is very inexpensive. All you need is the juice of half a lemon, a cup of water and a cup of sugar. All the ingredients come at once in a pot and are slowly brought to the boil. If, after a while, a golden-yellow, viscous mass has formed, the sugar paste is finished. However, if the mass has become too thick or too thin, this can easily be corrected by adding lemon juice or sugar. Due to the cooling, which must take place before use, it can happen that the paste becomes tougher, but the normal state can be restored quickly using a microwave. If the sugar paste is to be used, its temperature should not be higher than your own body temperature, otherwise burns can easily occur. The paste is applied with a spatula against the direction of hair growth, then a strip of fabric is applied that is lightly pressed. This allows the sugar paste to bond with the hair and the hair can be found on the strip of fabric by jerking off.

Tips for sugaring

The sugar paste should not be used if there is sunburn or other known hypersensitivity of the skin. Even those who regularly visit a solarium should avoid this method of hair removal. Body lotion should not be applied to the skin 24 hours before a sugaring session is scheduled, as the sugar paste works best on oil-free skin. Even 24 hours after application, it is better to avoid solarium and intensive sun exposure.

Also ideal for men

Whether it's chest hair or unruly growth under the armpits, more and more men are discovering "free hair" for themselves. Shaving is still the simplest method, but when it comes to the intimate area, the risk of injury with a wet razor is usually high. Of course, the sugar paste can also be used for seasoned men. It is much gentler on the skin and reduces any irritation. Many men feel more comfortable and not just for visual reasons. Others, on the other hand, are strictly against it, but isn't there something to be said for hair removal? Armpit hair is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria. They feel most comfortable there and also promote sweat production. If the armpit hair is gone, hardly any bacteria form and therefore significantly less odor.

For sensitive skin

A sugar paste is always provided with wound-healing active ingredients. Supposedly, it can even be used on people suffering from psoriasis or acne. Sugar paste promises a wellness cure for the skin because it is less painful, quick, lasting, long-lasting and is accompanied by relaxing side effects. Sugaring can be used anywhere hair is bothersome, even on extremely sensitive areas.

Problem area: eyebrows

Anyone who has ever had a hair correction done on their eyebrows knows that in many cases you have to walk around with sunglasses for the first few days afterwards. It is different with the sugar paste. With it, every eyebrow can be brought into the perfect shape without causing irritation. A tearing pain during the treatment is also a long time coming, instead it does not occur. If you were otherwise standing while plucking or tears regularly form in your eyes, sugaring is a truly pleasant method of styling your eyebrows.

Clear shapes in the bikini zone

Especially in summer, the bikini zone should be depilated for many women. It looks truly ugly when hair peeks out from under the bathing suit. Again, using a sugar paste is better than spinning the razor. The thin skin is irritated even more easily than in other areas of the body and unsightly pimples quickly develop here, which only subside very slowly. The not entirely new trend is sugaring and there is nothing better you can do to your body. Only natural products are used and no chemicals come into contact with the skin.

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