Tongue coating: what does it reveal?

The tongue and especially its coating reveals a lot about your own health. Therefore, the coating of the tongue should be observed as much as possible, as this way you can quickly determine whether everything is fine or whether you should see a doctor. In short, the tongue is considered a kind of showcase for the digestive tract and its coating can tell if there is a problem with the digestive tract or if everything is normal. A healthy tongue is therefore slightly moist, mobile and pale red. If the tongue has a thin whitish coating , that's perfectly fine. This simply means that the stomach has digested the food well. You should only see a doctor if the plaque becomes very severe or changes. With the help of the tongue, the first diseases in the body can be quickly recognized and then treated at an early stage.

The importance of the different toppings

If you have raspberry or strawberry tongue, you may have an infectious disease such as scarlet fever . For this purpose, the tongue papillae are enlarged and discolored reddish, in such a case the tongue has a much more intense color than normal. If the tongue is burning, bright red, and maybe even inflamed, it may be due to a vitamin deficiency. In addition to a vitamin deficiency, however, diabetes or anemia are also present. A red tongue that occurs with other symptoms may be due to gastrointestinal disorders, but other disorders are also possible. If the coating on the tongue is almost black, there is no need to panic - in some cases such a coating on the tongue is a side effect of antibiotics.

When to see a doctor

If the tongue is significantly swollen or enlarged, a doctor should always be consulted immediately. For example, a serious and dangerous allergy can be the trigger for a severely swollen tongue. But even with the other coatings on the tongue, it always makes sense to consult a doctor and not to guess for yourself whether the coating is dangerous or harmless. In many cases, the changed tongue coating occurs together with other symptoms, so that it is quickly recognized that it is a disease. If the coating on the tongue is thicker than usual, it may be a fungal disease and not necessarily a dangerous disease. In summary, however, it can be said that the coating of the tongue should be observed, since the body reveals a lot of information via the tongue and a lot can be found out about one 's own health .

Viet Trinh

The tongue and especially its coating reveals a lot about your own health. Therefore, the coating of the tongue should be observed as much as possible.

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