Ingredients for cold tea

The cold season comes around every year and especially when the transition season comes, from warm to cool and humid, that's the typical weather for catching a cold. Anyone who "just" has a cold and is struggling with a cough and runny nose and doesn't have a fever should count on nature and use the effects of medicinal herbs for themselves. There are a lot of different cold teas and each variant has its advantages. This means that every tea has a wide variety of ingredients.
  1. The stinging nettle : The stinging nettle tea should be part of the standard of every medicine chest, because it is almost universal. Drinking it regularly strengthens your body.
  2. Giersch : This medicinal plant is better known as goat's foot or horny goat weed and contains a lot of vitamin C. It is therefore very suitable due to its active ingredients.
  3. Rose hips : They also contain a lot of vitamin C and are also very suitable for strengthening the immune system and are therefore also a good alternative to take as a preventive measure.
  4. Elderflowers : The elderflowers as an ingredient in a cold tea work against fever, they are antipyretic.
  5. Mullein : When present as an ingredient in cold tea, it is excellent for relieving all types of coughs, including dry coughs, dry coughs and even asthma. The special thing about the mullein is that it has an expectorant effect and a tea containing this medicinal plant can also be used very well to prevent influenza.
  6. Linden blossoms : A tea with linden blossoms is probably the best known and most used. It helps against respiratory infections and infections associated with fever.
  7. Peppermint : Peppermint tea is also very well known and often used. Many drink it simply for its taste, but it also helps kill the harmful germs that lodge in the throat. If you drink a tea with peppermint, you can also use it to free your airways.

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The cold season comes every year and especially when the transition from warm to cool and humid comes. Read more!

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