Anti-aging begins with fruit acid therapy

More and more women and men are starting to use anti-aging products early today, but whether they always work is another question. Nobody can go wrong with fruit acid therapy because it is a natural method and was already known in ancient Egypt. The basis is a glycolic acid, which is also known from fruit because it is contained in it. Using a fruit acid therapy, the skin structure can be sustainably improved and wrinkle-free. In addition, the user has fewer pigment spots and the fruit acid also removes calluses so that the skin is less dry and rough. A peeling can remove signs of aging and is gentle on the skin. The upper layers of the skin are renewed and peeling also promotes blood circulation. Even dermatologists refer to fruit acid therapy for severe acne , of course this must be tailored to the skin type and the severity of the acne or blemishes. The dermatologist will first measure the fat content and the moisture level of the skin. It only takes a few minutes and is completely painless. During an appointment with the dermatologist, of course, no make-up should be applied and the face should no longer be treated with creams 2 hours beforehand. If appropriate preparations are already being used, it is important not to use them 4 to 5 days beforehand.

How is a fruit acid peel performed?

The procedure begins with an intensive cleansing of the skin and then a high-percentage glycolic acid is applied in the form of a gel. After a few minutes, the gel is removed again and the effect can be seen quickly, because pores open after a treatment and the doctor can then remove comedones (blackheads, etc.) very well. The result is impressive, because the fruit acid peeling leaves skin clean and fewer impurities and pimples. Unfortunately, several treatments are usually necessary to achieve lastingly more beautiful skin. If you have particularly sensitive skin, you should not go to a solarium or go into the blazing sun immediately afterwards, as this often leaves redness or even a slight burning sensation. In really very rare cases, a herpes infection can appear on the lips or face, but it quickly disappears. Since several sessions are necessary, such a therapy is not cheap and dermatologists also warn that sometimes a short-term deterioration of the skin's appearance can occur. A session costs between 30 and 50 euros , but the subsequent result is quite impressive.

Radiantly beautiful skin

The fruit acid peeling has been proven to be tested and improvements in the skin have been noticed. A 100% reduction in acne and other impurities can be achieved. The therapy is not included in the catalog of benefits of the health insurance companies, so the costs for it are not covered by it. Neither the statutory nor the private health insurers are obliged to provide benefits. The bill at a dermatologist must always be paid out of your own pocket and must be paid in the practice on the day of treatment. Fruit acid therapy is an effective way to get rid of pimples and achieve cleaner, younger-looking skin. The dermatologist will determine individually whether the neck and décolleté should also be treated. After a few sessions, the success becomes visible, because the complexion looks cleaner and simply more appealing.

Viet Trinh

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