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Die beste Hautpflege für jeden Hauttyp

The best skin care for every skin type

The skin is the reflection of our inner being and therefore you should pay a lot of attention to your skin. Read some care tips here!
Was ist Neurodermitis?

What is neurodermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis, atopic eczema or neurodermatitis: These are all terms for the same skin disease. Read more about it here!
Neurodermitis – ständig juckt es

Atopic dermatitis – it itches all the time

People with neurodermatitis are always itchy. Only scratching seems to be the solution. But this doesn't help. The torment remains. Read more!
Kältealarm für die Haut: Jetzt ist es Zeit, sie richtig zu verwöhnen

Cold alert for the skin: now it's time to pamper it properly

When it gets colder outside and the heaters are turned on inside, one thing in particular is affected: the skin. Read more about it here!
Pflegetipps für trockene Haut

Care tips for dry skin

Those who suffer from dry skin need to be even more careful with it than others. And give up a lot. Read more now!
Anti-Aging beginnt mit einer Fruchtsäuretherapie

Anti-aging begins with fruit acid therapy

More and more women and men are starting to use anti-aging products early today, but whether they always work is another question. Nobody can go wrong with fruit acid therapy...
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