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Many people are already affected by flatulence, which is not only uncomfortable but also embarrassing. In most cases, the main cause of flatulence is poor nutrition , so if you follow a few important dietary rules, use certain spices in cooking and consume high-quality mineral earth, flatulence or flatulence , as it is also known, will disappear permanently.

1. The diet must be changed.

Under no circumstances should you consume ready-made products that contain a variety of food additives and also inferior ingredients. But fried and sweetened foods are also an impertinence for the sensitive digestive system. You should also observe whether you react with increased flatulence after consuming certain products, as this can then indicate a food intolerance. The best thing is that you pay attention to a basic diet rich in vital substances.

2. The right combination of foods.

It's not really about avoiding foods such as cabbage, onions, apples, cherries, beans, leeks or plums, etc., which are gas-forming but very healthy foods. It is much more important that you avoid some combinations, because then you can also consume the foods mentioned without suffering from flatulence. So it is not the food that is the problem, but rather the way in which it is prepared and consumed.

3. Prepare the food properly.

If you prepare “critical” foods, then you should use the so-called flatulence-resistant spices. For example, cumin and lentils go very well together. If you cook dried legumes, then always pour away the cooking water, which contains the flatulent active ingredients in particular.

4. Anise, fennel and dill

Fennel tea, hated by many but should be drunk. The reason is that the fennel seeds that are freshly crushed turn out much better than those in the filter bag. If you like, you can also chew the fennel seeds. Like anise and dill seeds , the ingredients in fennel seeds have a relaxing effect on the muscles of the digestive system, allowing the gases that have accumulated to escape unnoticed. A special bonus you get from this is fresh breath.

5. Ginger

To prevent bloating, there are two excellent ways. One is drinking ginger tea and the other is eating a fresh ginger root . You can also add fresh ginger to the food if you like.

6. Cumin and caraway seeds

If you want to prevent bloating, indigestion and cramps, then you should use them to stimulate healthy digestion. Like the fennel, you can chew the seeds, “season” them, or drink them as tea.

7. Parsley

It is also a good remedy against the formation of gas, for which purpose it is added to food either fresh or dried.

8. Mineral Earth

With their help, excess air in the digestive tract and toxins are absorbed. All you have to do is take 2 teaspoons a day approximately before meals (30-60 minutes) to prevent the formation of gas and consequent flatulence before it occurs.

9. The Colon Cleanse

If you clean your intestines regularly, then this benefits the general health of the intestines and also removes the food residues that ferment there. It also harmonises the intestinal flora and thus ensures that flatulence is alleviated.

10. Probiotics

These are products made from living microorganisms, such as lactic acid bacteria and/or bifidobacteria. Not only do they have a health-promoting effect on the organism, they are also able to restore the intestinal flora and suppress pathogenic germs.

11. Garlic

A good and very natural remedy for flatulence is garlic , which stimulates digestion and has a lasting effect against bacteria and parasites. In order to achieve a very good result, you should always use fresh garlic.

12. Dandelion

It is actually a weed, the dandelion, but it has many health benefits, one of which is the relief of flatulence. You can use it to make tea and drink it, or you can make a fresh salad with it, or add it dried to your dishes as a spice.

13. Hot water

Drinking hot water, as hot as you can get, will help relieve gas and bloating, which is half a cup a day.

14. Peppermint Oil

Drinking half a cup of cold water once or twice a day with two drops of peppermint oil also has an anti-bloating effect.

15. Movement

If you are alone, you should try to let the gas that has built up escape from your body. To do this, you lie on your back, stretch your legs in the air and then “ ride a bike ”. In addition, you should always ensure sufficient exercise, because if there is one thing the digestive system hates, it is: permanent immobility . This means that the more active you are, the better your digestion works, which means that you are less likely to suffer from flatulence.

Viet Trinh

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