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Was wirklich hilft bei Flatulenzen!

What really helps with flatulence!

It's almost no longer a taboo subject , even if it's talked about behind closed doors: flatulence or so-called flatulence. Many suffer from it and yet very few people know...
Blähungen – das hilft

Flatulence - that helps

Many people are already affected by flatulence, which is not only uncomfortable but also embarrassing. In most cases, the main cause of flatulence is poor nutrition , so if you...
Blähungen während der Schwangerschaft

bloating during pregnancy

Whether pregnant or not, everyone suffers from bloating at some point. It is surprising that every person gives vent to their flatulence about 15 times throughout the day, with up...
Folgen von Flatulenzen und Blähungen

Consequences of flatulence and flatulence

Poor diet can cause bloating, as can stress, lack of exercise, eating and drinking too quickly, which can cause air to enter the gastrointestinal tract. When you belch, some of...
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