diabetes in children

When children are sick, they become helpless and worried. Especially if the child has diabetes. Have you noticed symptoms associated with diabetes? These include constant thirst, frequent trips to the toilet, and the child quickly loses weight. This speaks for type 1 diabetes. This means that the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin because the metabolism is no longer working properly. However, the hormone insulin is very important so that sugar can be transported from the blood into the cells. Otherwise sugar can accumulate in the blood and the blood sugar level is significantly too high and nerves die. The damaged immune system causes the pancreas to fail. Unfortunately, thousands of children and adolescents live with chronic diabetes and the number is increasing every year.

support for the disease

Two triggers can be to blame for children and young people developing diabetes . These can be viruses from mumps, measles and rubella, which weaken the body's defenses. Likewise the genes, if one of the parents is diabetic, this can quickly be passed on to children under the age of 15. As soon as the body no longer produces insulin itself, it has to be helped in the form of insulin injections. This helps the body to reduce the sugar content in the blood and body cells that need sugar can function properly again. Without this help, the child can become seriously ill. In order to avoid this, insulin must now be artificially administered. Life with the syringe is now inevitable. But how is this supposed to be taught to young children? Any support and help that parents can muster helps so that children learn over time why and how insulin has to be administered with a syringe. The sugar level in the blood must not be exceeded, as the small body would suffer. Because too much sugar will attack nerves, eyes, kidneys and veins over time. This can later lead to blindness, a heart attack or daily dialysis. To avoid this, regular blood checks are necessary to measure the sugar level so that no serious consequences occur.

Viet Trinh

When children are sick, they become helpless and worried. Especially if the child has diabetes. What are the symptoms of diabetes?

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