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Diabetes – so ernährt man sich perfekt

Diabetes – this is how you eat perfectly

Today the amount of carbohydrates is decisive for the medication. The balance between diet and medication is all the more important.
Diabetes und Kohlenhydrate

diabetes and carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the only nutrients that affect blood sugar levels, so they should make up the bulk of it.
Diabetes und Cholesterin - auf die richtige Mischung kommt es an

Diabetes and cholesterol - it's all about the right mix

Many people struggle with high cholesterol levels due to an unhealthy lifestyle and too little exercise in everyday life. Read more!
Wie sieht eine gesunde Ernährung aus?

What does a healthy diet look like?

Every diet should be varied and healthy. This has a major impact on health. Read more!
Diabetes im Alter

diabetes in old age

Nowadays, people are getting older and the risk of diabetes increases with age. Diabetes is not recognized in all seniors.
Diabetes bei Kindern

diabetes in children

When children are sick, they become helpless and worried. Especially if the child has diabetes. What are the symptoms of diabetes?
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